Wednesday, 10 October 2012

UK economy is not looking great

That's what the IMF think. Having just visited the mighty metropolis of Yeovil I must agree. There was lots of  closed shops and not much spending going on.

The Greeks must have put about 7000 police on the streets and shut down the centre of Athens to guard Merkel today.  Reuters reports tens of thousands of demonstrators against Merkel's, I'm in charge visit. I bet she left her towel on the sun lounger as well!

This BAe EADS proposed merger will be a disaster. When will Cameron stand up for UK interests and veto it with his golden share.

Jeremy Warner got it right in today's Telegraph, Europe and Britain are sinking under the weight of welfare costs. No rational non government controlled business would think about investing in the Eurozone so why are Bae tying up to a sinking ship. I hope shareholder power will stop it.

Meanwhile Hollande is piling more welfare costs onto the French. Its all looking like melt down to me and I have no doubt without Malcolm Tucker we will be in the thick of it.

Sorry I wrote this yesterday but for some reason it did not publish so I will try again.  

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