Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Where did UKIP's EU millions go

I received today a begging email from UKIP treasurer Stuart Wheeler claiming to be a personal message, addressing me by my first name and soliciting for money for UKIP. I have never met Mr Wheeler and generally those I do not know address me as Dr or Mr Edmond. Worse, Mr Wheeler does not give a return personal email address where I can send him my reply. Both I regard as normal courtesy and standard business practice.

I suggest Mr Wheeler rattles his begging bowl in front of UKIP's current MEPs who collect in total around one million pounds annually from the EU. If he posts the contributions he has collect from Mr Farage etc on the UKIP website it would encourage me and others to think about donating to UKIP otherwise FO.

My old Dad used to say smart businessman gets tied up with politician its the businessman who gets shafted. I saw Ms Abbott do this to a business tycoon about 18 months ago on the A Neil show. Mr Wheeler better watch out!

Reuters report BAe EADS merger is off. Shafted by the Fourth Reich. Thank God for that. Now it's time for the shareholders to ask BAe some sharp questions and probably look for a new CEO.

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