Thursday, 11 October 2012

What will the SW 2014 MEP slate be?

Good old Junius has fingered Neil Hamiton as a shoo in for numero uno in the SW with Crowther, Carver and Mrs Hamilton vying for second place. How lucky UKIP is to have such a collection of loyal supporters of the great leader. Neil Hamilton was defeated in his Tatton seat in 1997 at the height of the Tory sleaze allegations by the man in the white suit. Tatton's current MP is wee Gideon Osborne.

What about William Legge, the belted Earl of Dartmouth, and current SW MEP? What about G Towler, long time supporter of the leader and no 3 on the 2009 list? What about Trevor Colman also a current Sw MEP ? Are they all now out of favour the great leader? What have they done to incur the leader's disfavour?  Answers in my comment box below would be much appreciated.

Junius reports Crowther and Carver will do the SW interviewing of MEP wannabees so no bias there then. There will of course have to be a woman on the interview panel and amongst the possible SW females are Steph McWilliam and Elizabeth Burton both of whom have an impeccable record of supporting the leader.

Junius also reports the final list will not be published until. late April for the early May election by the Farage controlled UKIP NEC. Many will have been promised the number one and two slots in regions across the UK. Most will be disappointed but they will be smeared as bad losers and as Junius says by then it will be too late for those poor fooled, used and abused souls to do anything but cry in their beer.  That is the UKIP way. Many are called but few are chosen.

Last time regions had a vote on who they wanted as candidates. Democracy is however a risky procedure and may select closet Tory sympathisers and those who do not wish to associate with neo fascists in a pan European party of the right. Much safer to let the great wise  leader choose the MEP slates and avoid this unnecessary democratic risk. We don't want a further crop of unbelievers as MEPs.


Oxo said...

If I had been one of the SW Ukip MEPs elected last time I would have thought that not being selected to go on the list this time would be a bonus and a pleasant release from the drudgery of traveling to and from Brussels and Strasbourg from over here for years, simply to attend rubber stamp meetings in a mad house. Take a break chaps.

Eric Edmond said...

But think of your bank balance!

Eric Edmond said...

Eukip always puts dosh before principle.

Oxo said...

I know of at least one that doesn't.