Friday, 12 October 2012

Where are theUKIP MEP's £10ks?

When he arrived at UKIP as Treasurer Stuart Wheeler saw there were a dozen or so quite wealthy members of UKIP called MEPs. They were receiving a large salary from the EU. They were not elected as MEPs because of their talent or ability but because of the hard work of ten thousand ordinary poor UKIP members. Mr Wheeler asked they each shell out £10k to the part which got them on the gravy train. Oh No cried our MEPs that's our wages for doing such a good job - I presume they mean doing a good job for the EU.

Mr Wheeler had the right idea but he has to realise what he is dealing with at the top of EUKIP. They are there not for the cause as Mr Wheeler is but for what they can get out of the EU financially. And now the great panto artiste Neil Hamilton wants in on the act. I hope the lucrative EU jollies will not curtail Mr Hamilton's panto commitments. No other political party would stand Mr Hamilton as a candidate but  EUKIP is of course not a party but a cult.

Mr Wheeler is a decent man with integrity and common sense, something he shares with the vast majority of UKIP's rank and file but when the fish rots it starts at the head. The stench in the higher reaches of EUKIP makes one's stomach turn. Decency and integrity do not exist there only duplicity, greed and self interest thrive there.

Also too sick making to be true is the ludicrous decision of the Nobel committee to award the peace prize to the EU. Peace in Europe has been maintained by NATO with its core US forces most recently in Bosnia. Where was Barroso, Rumpy and Frumpy when the ethnic cleansing was going on there? It was the Nazi concentration camps on a less industrial scale sorted out by NATO.

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