Sunday, 21 October 2012

Wee Alec shows Farage how its done

Alec Salmond gave a masterclass this morning in handling awkward questions from so called TV interviewers. His performance against LibDem patsy Marr was particularly impressive. Marr could not lay a glove on him and did not realise that Salmond was giving the interview from Perth. These BBC types are soooo professional as they keep on telling themselves.

It was a similar story with Sky's Dermot something or other but at least Dermot got the place right, Perth. It was a similar score, Wee Eck 10 TV journo 0.

Three months ago I wrote to the BBC to complain about how often Helena Kennedy was appearing on Marr's show to review the papers. I received the standard non-reply from the Beeb 99% of which was not relevant to my complaint but since then La Kennedy has not appeared with her LibDem views. Good!

I thought Theresa May also gave a good performance against Paisley hard man A Neil.  She was well turned out and came across well compared to the shifty posh boys like Hunt, Osborne and Cameron who are looking increasing like liabiliies for the Tories. Could Theresa be the heir to Maggie and next Tory leader after they get trounced by Millipede and Balls x 2 next election. Might be worth a punt if you can get decent odds.

Spain went to the polls today in Galicia, Rajoy's home province, and the Basque country. I recorded my views on Spain 10 days ago for Trevor Colman's EUnit and pointed out how difficult it was to run Spain because of its decentralised financial structure. I ended up by saying Spain was a basket case. Results tonight, Oct 21, might well prove it.

As for Farage I listened to him on AQ where he ran a poor fourth to Bob Crow, Ann Soubry and Mrs Bercow. Time he learned that the Bercows have the beating of him. He should watch how we Eck does it and try and learn but I am afraid NF does not do learning.


Oxo said...

How about 12/1?

Eric Edmond said...

I would want at least 20/1 before parting with my bawbees. We can look forward to 5 years of Millipede post 2014. I am not sure how old Mrs May is so the Tories have to ditch Cam pretty sharpish.

Oxo said...

The problem with Mrs. May is that she is in the most insecure job in cabinet. If anything can go wrong it will be on the Home Secretary's portfolio.
Far too long to go to risk anything on the lady.