Friday, 19 October 2012

UKIP NEC runners & riders

As in previous years I will mark your card of the NEC candidates. Those successful will be very disappointed when they arrive to find that it is a pointless organisation totally controlled by Farage through his power of patronage for the wannabe MEPs who feature strongly in this candidate list which I give below in alphabetical order with my ratings.

Alan Bown -a depleted moneybags in Nigel's pocket

Nigel Clark - no MEP contagion and may be worth a vote

Geoffrey Clark -" Farage and Finch" will tell you what a decent fellow I am" - hoist by his own petard

Toby Coke - seems OK. Black mark for being proposed by Agnew

Chas Dodman - no MEP contagion may be worth a vote

Terry Durrance - Nuttall associate - avoid

Seb Fairweather - no previous - may be politically a bit naive as he lists Farage as one of his assentors

Sean Howlett - Hamilton, Nuttall and Batten listed -avoid

Bazza Mahoney - Clark, Helmer, Farage and Agnew! Thumbs down definitely

Mick McGough - Farage, Denny, Batten Bloom, Helmer ! A wannabe in spades - avoid at all costs

Rob McWhirter -serial NEC candidate, decent bloke pity about his Murky Castle background

Toby Mickelthwait - another serial NEC type- ineffectual so fits in well

Andrew Moncreiff - Nuttall & Farage- says it all- avoid

Paul Oakley - Towler and McGough - again says it all - avoid

Chis Pain - Only one to dare criticize current NEC; Great campaigner - the outstanding candidate

Scott- Hayward - thinks UKIP has a significant Scottish presence - way out of touch

Piers Wauchope - no previous, no obvious MEP contagion - could be OK

So there you have it dear readers one good candidate and three or four possibles. The rest to be avoided if you want independent thought representing ordinary members on the UKIP NEC.

Comments welcome!

PS just arrived from UKIP HQ is a list of PC candidates. I note they could not get one person to stand in my area, Avon & Somerset so I can sleep safe in my bed thank goodness.

PPS Which UKIP MEPs were absent? Bannerman, now a Tory, Nikki for refusing to sit with Nigel's nasty friends, Trevor awol, Mike Natrass too close to Nikki and most significantly our belted Earl, William Legge but nitty gritty politics was always a bit beneath him.


Oxo said...

There were a few saddled up in the South West last time.
Are there any in the list you give?

Eric Edmond said...

I don't recognise any from the SW but I may have missed one. Neil Hamilton will be numero uno on the SW MEP list and he hot elected to the NEC last year.

The NEC is SE dominated with Faragistas.

Eric Edmond said...

Also I could not find William Legge aka Dartmouth's name on the proposers, seconders and assentors suggesting no SW candidates.

I was a reluctant NEC candidate. I only stood as there were no SW NEC members despite it having the largest UKIP membership of all the UK regions.

Oxo said...

I expect its either a cough going through the stables or a bit of lameness.