Thursday, 18 October 2012

Marie Antoinette inspires the EU

Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, is most famous for her reply when told that the people had no bread, 'Let them eat cake' was the Austrian lady's reply. Things have not changed with the latter day EU kings and queens, Hollande & Merkel.  A man died in Greece today but what was the EU's reply from their smug well fed leaders meeting in Brussels today? More austerity and more central control of national budgets.

That is always their solution, more rules, more regulation and more money for the political elite.

All is not happy however  between the Sun King and his Valkerie Queen over the location and jobs from Airbus. Thank God our incompetence kept us out of merging with that company!

I hope the candidates for Governor of the Bank of England will be interviewed in public by the MPs on the Treasury Select Committee. The question I would like to see asked is, "How do you propose keeping control of City bank regulation out of the hands of the EU?" If they don't get it right London will take a huge hit and we all will suffer, even Wee 'Eck in his northern fortress.

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