Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Farage and the Tories

Del Young pointed out to me an interesting interpretation of the choice of words the new Tory chairman Grant Shaps used in an interview last week with Andrew Neil. AN was on one of his favourite themes, will there be an electoral pact next election between the Tories and the Eurosceptics? Absolutely not said Mr Shaps there will be no electoral pact with UKIP. Del opines and I agree there will be no pact but there will be a deal. The deal will not be with UKIP but with Farage who will be offered the red leather to appear for the Tories in the HoL leaving his many EUKIP sycos in the lurch.

Robert Browning put it this way in his poem, 'The Lost Leader'.

Just for a handful of silver he left us,
  Just for a ribbon[4] to stick in his coat—

Substitute Euro millions for silver red leather for ribbon and you have updated the poem by 200 years.

My old school chum Clive 'Fairey' Fairweather sadly died last week. We sat next to each other at dinner only 10 weeks ago. He and I were both members of the bad boys club at school. He was asked to leave, 'for the good of the school'. One of us was unsackable as his father was a school governor. I managed to survive but we were generally regarded by the headmaster, a Farage type, as subversives. Several of the older and best members of the teaching staff, non Dewar appointees, were however very sympathetic to our cause.

Fairey went on to have an outstanding military career and never compromised his principles. Click on the links below to read his DT and Scotsman obits.

Our creed was articulated by Robert Burns

The rank is but the guinea's stamp
The mans the gowd for a'that

Our country could do with a lot less deference and more realism. We have far to many Lords a leaping. A cull is needed. I doubt if Fairey would have been caught out by the latest fake sheikh Sunday TImes sting on our ex top brass. He in fact declined promotion to Brigadier and retired early.


Oxo said...

I generally find a level of agreement with you, but not on this.
I question whether there will be a need for a deal. If you would like to read this
there seems to be a considered movement behind the scenes to sidestep Ukip, amongst other things, to secure a successful outcome for the Tories. Whilst Ukip have had a presence which exerts pressure, withdrawal now appears more mainstream and, I think a referendum on in/out more likely in spite of what Cameron is currently saying.

Whilst I commiserate on the loss of your friend, I could never see you as a subversive.

The Boiling Frog said...

@Oxo In/out is not on the cards, what is on the cards is a fudge - renegotiation - which will be a sham and presented to us as a victory (and we know how Tory negotiations in Europe usually go).

The Scots are getting a simple in/out...we will get in terms of EU membership a third option which speaks for itself - the differences between Cameron and his backbenches are wafer thin and the outcome will be precisely the same.

Eric Edmond said...

Dewar, Heriots head, made Farage look like Mr Nice Guy.

The best way for the Tories to deal with UKIP is decapitation and transplantation to red leather plant pots.

I don't disagree with Froggie. You will get the third way from the third man which would be chosen in an EU referendum something Cam was desperate to deny us Jocks.

I don't see why Scotland cannot have a similar relationship with England to that between the Scandinavian countries.

Anonymous said...

The Tories will NEVER give an IN/OUT referendum.
The only game in town is to posture about the so-called re-negotiation which will take place AFTER the general election.
This is the Tories playing to the audience as usual to keep the faithful happy. Oborne is a helpful stooge.
The disintegration of Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Malta, and eventually Ireland and UK, into civil disobedience over a collapsing economy over lack of fuel energy and commercial success is heralding the demise of the European "project".
My only complaint is that it isn't coming fast enough !

Anonymous said...

Having just read the latest from Dr. Richard North, where his suggestion is that the EU will connive a Treaty for the "eurozone" it looks as though the UK will have no influence over the "Treaty" yet still be in the EU as a satellite member.
If only there was a party that had the ability to articulate a way forward for UK which would resonate with the public as their lives didintegrate.

Anonymous said...

My last post today -
I've long had a problem with Freemasonry and where it fits in to the political framework.
If you believe that the world is controlled by power blocs and the obvious ones are the USA, EU, Russia (formally USSR) and now China, you may be concerned how that control is exercised via money and munitions. It has to be "people organisations" like Round Tablers, Freemasons throughout the West, and their equivalents in the East.
These collectivist blocs are discussed here:

Eric Edmond said...

Secret societies are poison to democracy be they overt like freemasons or covert like Old Etonians & ex McKinsey types. The electorate need to know these affiliations. Interest should always be declared but seldom is.