Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cameron's EU Devo Max plan & UKIP London MEP slate

Alec Salmond wanted a third option on the Scottish Referendum ballot paper along the lines of repatriating more powers to the Scottish government. Cameron's great triumph was to "defeat" this proposal. Ho, hum. What is Cam's EU position? Its exactly the same. Repatriate more powers to Westminster and the EU's answer will be exactly the same as Cam's was to the Scots, FO. If you don't like it have an straight IN/OUT vote. Oh dear that would be the  end of PM Cam at the hands of his coalition dodgy allies the LibDums.

Our political leaders are big on hypocrisy and short on common sense and decency. He who lives by hypocrisy will die by hypocrisy and lets hope Cam takes his posh boys with him.

I read on Junius that Gerard Batten is not to be selected as UKIP's numero uno in the 2014 European elections. Poor Gerard! He has sucked up to Farage assiduously these last two years but his goose was cooked when  he stood against Farage for the leadership. Winston is a shoo in and that other arch Farage supporter, McGough will just have to wait and be even more sycophantic and not stand against the leader in any way and pray some young London lady does not come along to catch the leader's eye..

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