Monday, 15 October 2012

Why Alastair Darling is fronting the Scottish Unionist Campaign

Alastair Darling when at Loretto was not known for his great intellect. Why then is he fronting the campaign to secure a pro-union vote in the 2014 Scottish Referendum especially when the Tories proper name is the Conservative and Unionist party. There are two reasons.

The Tories are hated in Scotland and have only 1 or 2  MPs there. Cameron knows that to put a Tory up would therefore guarantee victory for Alec Salmond. So he has to find a better skin and has hit upon the Mr Badger of the Labour party.

Labour are jolly keen on this as they hold a huge number of seats in Scotland something like 50 + out of the 70 or so Scottish seats are held by Labour. The Tories always have a majority of seats in England so without Scotland in the UK Labour can never form a government.

Mr Darling is keen to shift the debate onto economic grounds. He better be careful. He was the man who with his master got the UK the biggest debt hole ever and the largest budget deficit. Watch what wee Eck does to him. I would bet on him being replaced by Dave but with whom? A tough question.

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