Monday, 12 November 2012

Greek tragedy goes on and on

Russian plays were written to be so slow moving that it gave you time to go for a pee and not miss any of the action. Thus it is with Greece. Its economy continues to shrink, down by 30%+ since the start of the crisis five years ago and forecast to fall by another 6% next year. Athens burns, protestors riot, public sector strikes continue and the fascist Golden Dawn gains support every day. What have the ordinary Greeks to lose. Surely it is better to have your own right wing dictator than an EU right wing dictatorship.

This is how Hitler came to power. We will hear how nasty Golden Dawn is but it is of course the EU political elite that will have brought it to power with its insane austerity policies. This is worse than the US Great Depression. Athens can be very cold in winter and soon Greeks will be dying from cold and starvation.

Meanwhile our great national treasure the BBC continues its navel gazing and worries about editorial independence. Get real. People are dieing right now in Greec so why worry about over paif BBC types.. Ah well they edit and control the news so what you see is all the news that matters to the Beeb.

Have a look at the comments to my HIGNY blog entry to understand how we have tied a millstone round our neck called the EU and wait for the arrival of the benefit claiming Balkan hordes.

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