Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Day

For the first time I can remember my wife and I did not attend the Remembrance Day service in our local church today. We both felt that our elite, political and social, had betrayed those who gave their lives for our freedoms and way of life.  In reading the Witterings from Witney I was glad to find others felt the same way. I reproduce the introduction from the blog below.

And so once again at this time of year ‘the great and the good‘ the likes of Cameron, Brown, Blair, Major and MilibandE* will come to the Cenotaph to pay homage to those who have fallen in order to preserve our country. It should be the case that every politician, when they bow their heads, should do so not in homage, but in shame. Shame that they have deliberately cheapened all those lives that have been wasted fighting for freedom and independence – a freedom and independence that they, the politicians, have since steadily eroded and ceded.

Original Article at Witterings from Witney

Lord Pantsdown usually attends these services. He supports and apologises for this horrid government which is still sending our young people to die in Afghanistan, He was a soldier but he does not seem to have read any military history. In the first Afghan War at the start of Queen Vicky's reign during the retreat from Kabul the Afghans destroyed a British army of 2000 men. Only 2 made it back to the Khyber pass! Our political elite forget nothing and learn nothing. Grand phrases like lions lead by donkeys, putting our country at the heart of Europe slip easily from their lips but of course they don't do the dying. They are always with us. The peoples only protection lies in a Swiss style direct democracy that reurns power to the ordinary people of this country. That's what our dead and wounded soldiers fought for.

As Witterings finished his blog:

* Which is why I will not watch those that pay faux-homage, but will wait for those that truly do remember, that truly do pay homage

Original Article at Witterings from Witney

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