Thursday, 6 December 2012

UK is in a financial hole - official!

That was the message from Gideon at the dispatch box yesterday. He is unwilling to take the action needed as he thinks it will terminate the coalition, generate a vote of confidence which the government would lose and usher in Labour. I would view that as the best option. There is a market saying, the first loss is the least loss. The by-elections have shown Labour will win the next election hands down. Why not just accept that and put them back in on the very sticky wicket they created. It would completely destroy the LibDems as a parliamentary party which would do our country no end of good and rid us of that EU loving rabble.

The country needs huge cuts in public spending. Why not start with the £10bn plus overseas aid budget. Ditch this ridiculous LibDem obsession with hugely expensive 'Green' energy. UK industry needs cheap energy now!

To continue the cricket metaphor, in the era of uncovered pitches beloved of GB, the greatest Yorkshireman of all time in his opinion, a Test captain declared whilst his side was well behind on a sticky wicket so the other side would have to bat in these impossible conditions. It was a great idea until the opposition captain said what if I also declare and you have to play your second innings on this pitch. Dave should declare now and put Red Ed in. He ideally not have batted first.

That is the situation Dave is in. I remember Merv King saying of course after he had been re-appointed as Governor that the next election would be a very bad election to win but the Tories after 13 years of Tony and Gordon the Tories were desperate. They grabbed the poisoned challice and added extra LibDem hemlock to the poisonous brank and drank it down in one as they do in the Bullingdon Club.

So Labour win, the LibDems are wiped out UKIP is seen to be irrelevant and the Tories are down to a South of England and shires rump of less than 200 MPs. Labour would still struggle inScotland but they would have a majority of English MPs for the first time ever. We would be in for 5 years of unalloyed gloom a bit like under Atlee possibly with rationing, exchange controls all approved by the EU of course.

And what of the UK in the EU. For sure Red Ed will do all he can to avoid a referendum but as economic conditions worsen pressure will build and there will be an inevitable explosion. That will be UKIP's chance but of course they will not have put in place the structures to exploit this shambles. They will as always have been concentrating on supping in the bars and bordellos of Brussels.

It will be as Lenin said of the 1917 Russian revolution, power was lying in the gutter and he just picked it up. EUKIP are already in the gutter but not of our country but the gutters of  Brussels EUKIP will be incapable of standing on their own their feet and returning to the UK as Lenin did to Russia. EUKIP are totally dependent on EU handouts. They are incapable of surving without the EU.

It would be a very fluid chaotic situation conducive to rapid radical change and I would not be surprised to see the EU put an army of occupation into our country invited of course by our Europhile quislings in the House of Lords as Hitler was invited into The Sudentland. What would the British Army, assuming it still exists, do in that situation? What will our monarch do? Be prepared? I doubt it.

Those who have prepared and are organised in the UK will triumph in this scenario as Hitler did in Germany in the early 1930s. Under Farage's frequent purges UKIP's structure in the UK is fallling apart so whoever copmes out on top it won't be EUKIP.


Stephen Harness said...

Or the tories ditch Cameron, go for a referendum, actively support an out vote - win the next election. Is it christmas yet?

Eric Edmond said...

In your dreams Mr Harness. I will not see another Tory government in my lifetime. But its irrelevant any way for the inhabitants of trans manche sur seine

Stephen Harness said...

Desperate men do desperate things.

Eric Edmond said...

Like eat cow pie?

Stephen Harness said...

Hopefully eat humble pie, Eric. Can't think of a Dan in the coalition, perhaps that is were they are going wrong. Does Danny Alexander count?

ALAN WOOD said...

Dear Eric,

There are times to act instantaneously, and there are times to adopt the Micawber principle and "hope that something turns up". Osborne (backed by Cameron) has chosen the latter and must be hoping that "Expenditure £1and sixpence, income £1", does not provide misery.
Whilst the financial shenanigans in Europe continue I cannot see Cameron folding his hand until Germany decides whether to re-elect Mrs. Merkel, and the future EU budget is resolved - his chance to act tough on "Europe" like Mrs.T.
I do agree with you that any elections in the near future favour parties like UKIP, but Farage is unlikely to capitalise on his opportunities.
The 2013 Local elections provide a golden opportunity for small parties to make their mark ready for 2014 and 2015.

farmland investment funds said...

The best thing that could happen would truly be to have Lib Dems collapse. All they do is muddy the ideological waters and confuse people. Are they to the left of Labour, to the right of Labour - I have bloody idea what they stand for!

Greg_L-W. said...


presumptuous as it may be may I remind S.H. & Eric E. that the Dandy published its last edition this week, after 75 years.

At its peak its sales ran to some 2 Million per edition but had collapsed, as something of a mirror to British Government, to an unsustainable level.

The Dandy's readers had collapsed as have those willing to vote - even those wishing to register a protest vote stay at home as they can not, nor do they, trust UKIP and rightly so as shown by UKIP's track record & louche behaviour as The Libertine Party.


Greg_L-W. said...


A.W. talks of £1-0-6d. spent on an income of £1.

Would that it were so comfortable - The legacy from 13 unlucky years of economic illiteracy, blatant dishonesty and criminal profligacy means from a diminished income of 15/- we have to repay 12/6d. spend the same £1.00 and still struggle - the only hope is to 1/2 the government payroll cut daily costs (saving £53M a day in EU membership tax would help!) cutting welfare not to help people back to work but to force them to work and forcing reciprocity into aid budgets.

Then & only then might Britain survive.

The myth of Thatcher being tough with The EU has little substance as she bought the rebate over the table by accepting not reciving a similar tranche of cash from CAP.

Unless Osborne is willing to cut spending hugely and Cameron has the courage to promies an in out referendum with not trick corollaries to give him the clout to dump the utterly useless and untrustworthy LibDims.

I do not believe the public will be so stupid as to vote Labour despite the realisation that Labour will promise money they can't provide to try to buy votes in their normal dishonest way - The public are starting to realise the mess is of Labour's making as are the criminal military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan where in Iraq we were thrashed and driven out and will be in Afghanistan when we can find Generals of integrity to admit our failure and defend their men!

These tough actions just might save our country as an independe4nt entity but it will need the utter irrelevancy of the self serving in politics like MEPs, many Civil Servants and the untrustworthy UKIP and LibDims being left in their own ordure and idiocy.

It is sad to realise that for lack of vision, leadership, integrity, ethics and morality UKIP has become a very clear part of the problem and the public have shown they are not respected and have no part in the solution as they now stand.

Let us hope.


Eric Edmond said...

Thank you all for your comments. Politicians always talk of taking 'difficult' decisions. Its time for a few of these now. I would abolish the whole ODA dept saving £12 bn and ditch the wind farm scheme to give our industry cheaper energy which it desperately needs.

Eric Edmond said...

Sorry about repeating in my last comment what I said in the blog.

SH I us epicure don't eat humble pie. Thats for Tories pretending to be working class

Anonymous said...

Good article Eric.
Logically you are correct;all obvious routes seem to lead to gloom/chaos and collapse of government.
It isn`t just us of course most of the Western world seems caught in the debt trap.
Our political masters have created this mess and their helpmates Goldman Sachs et al have been let off with a slap on the wrist inspite of overwhelming evidence of dishonest activity in their ranks.
The question is who will profit from all of this chaos?

Presumably those who have prepared and organised this event.

ALAN WOOD said...

Nigel Lawson - pardon - Baron Lawson of Blaby - is cooking up a good yarn in the Mail today -
FRACKING good it was.

Will save them all !