Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Farage, Hamilton and the Thick of It

Last night I watched an episode from the Thick of It from a DVD I bought in a charity shop. It was vastly entertaining where that Alastair Campbell like Scotsman Malcolm Tucker demolishes the unfortunate omni shambles secretary of state Nicola Murray with dire warnings about what the press has in store for her if she does not toe the Tucker line. They have bucket loads of sh*t that they are waiting to empty all over you he tells the unfortunate Ms Murray and only he, Malcolm Tucker, stands between her and a very smelly end.

Its a pity some one has not been saying the same thing to UKIP fuerher Farage. The press are smarting over the Leveson outcome and will be looking for a soft political target to attack and earn a few brownie points from Dave, Ed etc. They have reams of material on Farage but I think they will start on Neil Hamilton when he is approved as UKIP's lead MEP candidate in the South West.

Like many I joined UKIP precisely because it did not have politicians like Hamilton as prominent members. It beggars belief that Farage thinks he can go in with Hamilton prominent on a UKIP MEP slate and not get bucket loads of excrement tipped over Hamilton from the press. UKIP's press officer Gawain Towler won't just have Green Knights to worry about as the great and the not so good pile in to current UKIP NEC member Hamilton.

The poor UKIP members thought they were doing the right thing because of Hamiton's high media and pantomime profile. What Leveson showed was that all these C list celebs who jumped on the band wagon hoping to cash in on the media's awful treatment of  the Milly Dowler case made idiots  of themselves. They sought and solicited media attention to compensate for their abundant lack of talent. But he who lives by the media dies by the media something UKIP members should remember.

O tempore, O mores as Cicero said and he knew a lot about political lack of morals.

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