Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Me and Ms Sue Mountstevens

Sue Mountstevens is the independent elected as police commissioner for Avon and Somerset in November 2012 defeating candidates from all three LibLabCon main parties.

She won convincingly securing 128000 votes to the second placed Tory with 68000 after second preference votes had been allocated. She is a local businesswoman, director of a local Bristo bakery employing 1300 people. She has an excellent CV for the job.

BBC reported:

Ms Mountstevens, a married mother of three, was a member of the Avon and Somerset police authority before stepping down in order to stand in the election.
She has also served as a magistrate for 15 years on adult, youth and family cases.
She was the director of the well-known family business Mountstevens Bakeries.
In short she is exactly the sort of able, practical and independent candidate we need but who has largely become extinct because of the rise of the professional political careerist who now dominate all political parties including UKIP.
She wanted a different Chief Constable on termination of the current incumbent one Colin Port. The incumbent then decided he wanted to stay on for another 2 years. Ms Mountstevens said he could apply along with other candidates for the post. Mr Port had a huge strop saying this was demeaning etc and took Ms Mountstevens to the High Court and tried to block her interviewing for 'his' job. He lost with costs but it is reported he intends to appeal
I see this as a good day for democracy. I have never met Ms Mountstevens. I was asked to run against her. I refused as I did not want to split the independent vote. That's the advantage party nomniees have over independents. They know they will not have someone with the same label running against them. I wish her well. She had a torrid time outside the High Court with the media scrum demanding details of an alleged seven complaints made against her. I am not surprised. She obviously put a lot of other noses out of joint as well as PC Port. More power to her elbow I say. I hope the Major also approves of the lady. 


Greg_L-W. said...


does this nort rather make one question the entire EU styling of PCCs?

Wednesday, 24 July, 2002, UK
Bakery chain goes bust

Mountstevens customers will find shut doors on Thursday
The Bristol-based bakery chain Mountstevens has gone bust, threatening the jobs of up to 800 people.
Production at the firm's bakery has stopped, and shops will not open on Thursday.

PricewaterhouseCoopers is helping the company arrange meetings with its creditors to renegotiate its debts.

Mountstevens has more than 90 bakery shops and coffee houses across the south and west of England, including Bath, Cheltenham and Gloucester.

Having defaulted on debts & left the pension fund depleted such that Gov't. had to step in - Do you really see Mrs mountstevens as a suitable PCC?


Eric Edmond said...


Thx, I did not know of this. It obviously diminshes her suitability. The only thing I knew was that the CRB checks were very stringent for these posts. I still prefer her to party placemen. It was a good sign she ditched her chief plod so rapidly.

I trust you are in good health.

Eric E

Anonymous said...

In fairness to Sue Mounstevens the company was sold in 1997 to Lyndale Foods-then to Clearly foods in 2001 and went bust in July 2002. I would only question an ongoing business relationship between the Ms Mountstevens with one of the Directors. The taxpayer eventually picked up the redundancy tab. I am afraid I have very little faith in any PCC- I have an interest in Criminal Justice and unfortunately UKIPs simplistic Home policies do not fill me with hope.


Leslie Lim said...

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