Thursday, 10 January 2013

EUKIP - undemocratic and intolerant of minorities

The usual term applied  to political parties one can describe thus is a Nazi party. EUKIP's Farage controlled NEC has just kicked out young Olly Neville, a York University student aged 21 as chairman of the Farage Youth, a post to which he was elected only one month ago! His 'crime' was, like our PM David Cameron, to publically support gay marriage. He also like the BBC supports the Palestinian cause against Israel.

He has been forced by party chairman Crowther, well known for his administrative incompetence in electoral matters, to resign his position. This of course has happened many times before. Del Young, then chairman of YI, was set up by the Faragistas and ambushed with a load of false allegations. I had a similar fate on the NEC set up by Bannerman, late of UKIP now a Tory. Its the EUKIP way.

Mr Neville is accused of speaking against the Farage line on gay marriage. One of his most vocal prosecutors seems to be former York student, Gawain Towler, the so called UKIP press officer, whom I was told in his student days was chairman of the York homosexual club and ended up living with the chairman of the York lesbian club. Has Mr Towler changed his position since then on homosexual issues?

Channel 4 quotes Mr Towler explained: "In relation to the party's policies on areas including gay marriage, the European elections, the legalisation of drugs and prostitution among others, Mr Neville has been publicly at odds with the party over the past few weeks."

"After a number of issues relating to the public presentation of policy on both broadcast and social media, we felt that Mr Neville was not adhering to the requirements of being an official spokesman for the Party."

"Mr Neville was also chairman of Friends of Palestine in Ukip, a grouping that was seen as being at odds with the party’s broad support for Israel." A surefire vote loser given the increasing number of British Muslims. No wonder EUKIP can never win a Westminster seat. The lack the basic political skills needed to win fptp elections. The EU is the only pond they can swim in kept afloat by huge EU bribes paid for by the UK taxpayer.

I have great sympathy with Mr Neville. I came in for the same treatment by the same self seeking group of Farage controlled UKIP MEP wannabees. I always stuck to EUKIP's policy line in public and private. My sin was to criticise the electoral and political management incompetence of people like Gill allowing Andreasen onto UKIP slates etc. Crowther seems to be cast in the same mold following the London assembly election fiasco. He should do well in UKIP.

Closer to the Farage EUKIP bone whilst on the NEC I asked a lot of questions about the dodgy state of UKIP finances. Who asks these questions now I wonder? No one dare. It is the question that dare not speak its name at least not if you want to be on an EUKIP slate.

Worst of all was that just prior to the May 2009 Euro elections there were serious and potentially UKIP national campaign busting allegations made about Mr Towler. The SWRCC, on whose list Towler appeared as number 3 held a long meeting that I was asked to recuse myself from which I did. That meeting voted for Towler to stand down as a UKIP candidate. It went to the NEC where Farage had Towler reinstated on the SW slate. That is what Farage means by democracy in EUKIP. You do and say what Nigel wants.

Documentation concerning these allegations still exists. It may surface this time.

Mr  Neville is a young man. I remember asking Piers Merchant if I had transgressed any UKIP rules. Absolutely not was his reply and he poimted to what people like Ken Livingston and Jack Straw had said about Labour in their youth. It was insane of Crowther and his mentally  challenged colleagues on the NEC to react in such a way as to spread this all over the national media. It can do UKIP nothing but harm. Far better to ignore it and if challenged in the media reply UKIP is a broad church of those who wish to see our country leave the EU.

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