Saturday, 12 January 2013

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

In this case the woman is UKIP's Argentinian/Danish Spanish domiciled UK MEP Marta Andreasen. Put on UKIP MEP slates, in contravention of a number of UKIP rules, by the patronage of Nigel Farage, Andreasen is now involved in a very damaging public spat with UKIP's new star Neil Hamilton the former focus of the cash for questions saga in the dying days of the Major government. Its now being chronicled by Junius and tells the old old story of a woman scorned.

Its all being staggeringly mishandled by another Farage place person, Steve Crowther.  He has written some rather ill judged emails to Andreasen which have ended up in  the hands of the Daily Telegraph Mandrake column, required reading for all UKIP neocons, that's about 95% of UKIP membership.

“I am appalled that a senior member of the party should behave in this manner,” thunders Crowther in an email. “You seem unable to work as part of a team or fulfil the commitments you made when adopted as a Ukip candidate. "

Great coming from the man who had difficulty filling in London Assembly voting forms for  UKIP who then ploughs on further with,

“You  (Andreasen) were wrong to state that sitting MEPs will not know whether they are to be reselected until just before the election. The first stage in whatever process is adopted will be for the party to assess, early in 2013, whether its sitting MEPs deserve to be given any further opportunity to represent it in parliament.”  

Mr Crowther has badly misjudged the situation. Andreasen is not a woman to cross. She is not happy with the new UKIP professionalized, a favourite NF adjective, candidate selection procedures which can be roughly summarised as keep wannabee UKIP MEPs in the dark until they can do nothing about their places on the list or if indeed they are on the slate at all. Her unhapiness is now being very publically stated in the pages of the DT.

She  had alleged that Hamilton, who was elected to Ukip’s national executive committee last year, and his wife were being lined up for seats in the European Parliament, thanks to manipulation of the selection process for candidates.  Hamilton has threatened legal action. 

Junius chronicles things on  the link above. Note the use of the royal we.

Its pigeon's coming home to roost. Between this and Olly Neville of YI also hiting the headlines. Farage's people picking skills are rightly being called into question. I have no sympathy for Andreasen, Hamilton, Crowther or Farage.  They all deserve what the media will dish out to them. Young , idealistic Mr Neville has simply been naive which is understandable for a 22 year old.

EUKIP needs to close this down quickly and try and limit the damage but Andreasen will be difficult to keep quiet.  Crowther is clearly not the man to do this and in a Nuttall Andreasen press spat my money would be on Marta. Thanks to NF she is an MEP with the platform and media status of an elected UK. representative. Things for EUKIP are starting to unravel unless they back down and do a deal with Andreasen. Number two in the South East might suffice but Farage's control of EUKIP would have been weakened. Who will be next? William Legge and Gerard Batten will be watching the outcome with some interest. 

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