Tuesday, 15 January 2013

You ain't going to get a referendum

The sordid deal Cameron did in 2010 with the LibDems to get into  No 10 makes it impossible for him to deliver any referendum on our membership of the EU even if he wanted to which he doesn't. LibDems are neither liberal or democratic. They are a nasty group of the worst sort of political opportunists who have exploited Cameron's failure to win the last General Election to foist their minority views on the coalition. They ditched their very publically signed pledges to our poor students who have been fooled, used and abused by the desplicable Clegg to get their snouts in the trough and their bums on the back seats of ministerial limos.

Cameron was of course equally desperate to get into no 10. He is now in no 10 but not in power. He is the prisoner of the duplicitous Lib Dems. Hence he had to concede the pointless referendum on changing our fptp voting system which no one wanted.Clegg  He and Clegg are heading for certain annihlation in the 2015 General Election which will usher in another long period of Labour misrule. He and Clegg will hold on to the bitter end like Mr Micawber hoping something will turn up.

Cameron and Clegg have no principles. Both are PR men. Milliband is just the same. All three are now blocking the wish of the electorate for an in/out referendum on our EU membership for party political self interest. All three represent their crackpot party interests noy yours. They are selected by the party and it is to their party they look for advancement and preferment.

The media, particularly the BBC, are now broadcasting in full EU propaganda mode. In the last few days I have watched 3 discuassion programmes on the Beeb where there was no pretence of balance. All participants were solidly pro EU. Big business has also funded a lobby organisation to promote its self interest plus we now have Clarke, Heseltine and Mandelson wheeled out at every opportunity to rubbish the Eurosceptic argument.

I don't know why they are worried. Nick Robinson summed up the conditions under which Cameron could deliver a referendum with more 'Ifs' than Kipling's famous poem. I summarise:

If he can get it past the LibDems.

If he can deal with his own Europhiles and keep his party together

If he can get anything back from the EU to put to electorate

If he can win the next General Election

The chance of all these coming to pass is now tending to zero.

What is Farage's EUKIP doing about it. Well the last media utterance I heard from
NF on Radio 4 at tea time with NF boasting as per usual about how much he could drink so I presume his strategy is to drink the Europhiles under the table.

I have three predictions:

EUKIP will win more seats in the 2014 EU elections.

Red Ed will win the 2015 UK General Election with a majority around 100.

The LibDems will be wiped out in both elections.

The last is the only cheer I can see for the next 7 years.


Why go to Holland to make this speech? Well MT made her big speech on the EU in Bruges and Dave thinks the Dutch are sympathetic to his views. That implies they know what his views are something that has escaped me and the Tory party


Mike Bridgeman said...

I am a little more hopeful.
At the last general election the Conservatives got 36%, Labour 29%,
Lib Dems 23% and Ukip 3.1%
We are half way to the next election and a recent poll gives:
Con 29%, Labour 38%, Lib Dem 11% and Ukip 16%.
If this trend continued, it would result in
Con 22%, Labour 47%,, Lib Dems Nothing and Ukip 29%.
Now I know how unreliable polling is between elections, but there must be plenty of sitting Con MPs who can see the end of their parliamentary lives looming while Dave fiddles and faddles. I don't think he has that much time to mess things up any more before talk of a stalking horse surfaces.
If you were going to lose your job and there was only one way to save it would you just sit back?
The only problem is that I can't think of a Conservative I would trust.
In fact I can only think of Frank Field and Kate Hoey as politicians I could possibly trust.

Eric Edmond said...

Agreed. Frank F and Kate H are the only two believable MPs.

Yes there will be a lot of Tory MPs feeling their majorities. They will do something when things get bad. Their main idea just now is lets hope Red Ed self destructs.