Saturday, 16 February 2013

Marta the scorned attacks Farage again!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned Nigel. Click on link to seeMarta's  full interview. I quote,

Do you think that Nigel Farage is the right person to lead UKIP into the 2014 European Parliamentary and 2015 UK general elections?
"Well the 2014 European elections will be very much framed around the possible referendum in the UK and in that sense it is possible that he may be successful. I’m not saying that he’s the right person to lead it, but even if he’s not the right person I think that he will be successful. Let us say that he will probably return the same number of MEPs that we have today if the political conditions stay the same, but a lot can happen in one year.
With regard to 2015 then no, I don’t think he’s the right person because he just doesn’t want to get to Westminster (the UK Parliament). We are led by the wrong person. Nigel has no interest in getting to Westminster. If he was interested in Westminster then he would have stood in the Eastleigh by election. If he was interested then he would have focused on areas where we have a chance to get to Westminster. What he’s doing is using our limited financial and human resources across the country in by elections where we have little chance of winning a seat. Yes it’s great to get more votes, but that doesn’t get us to Westminster."
Major Warry has been saying this years but the Farage controlled wannabees have to carry on like the three wise monkeys although this comparison insults the intelligence of our simian cousins. 
You are UKIP’s only female MEP. Could UKIP do more to attract women to the party?
"Well UKIP could do more to attract women if they respected the women that they have. It’s not a question of putting female candidates on the list: you probably have seen that now for the Eastleigh by election they have recruited a female candidate. It’s a question that firstly, the candidates should be put in lists where there is a possibility for UKIP to win the seat, and this is not going to be the case in Eastleigh – nor was it the case in the Corby by election.
The most important thing is that once a female is elected, and she represents the people (and the party before the people) they should respect this female in as much as they are doing a good job. Putting myself as an example, I think that I have done a good job for the party and for the people that I represent, but I haven’t had the respect that I would have expected."
This was put up on the LSE web site where UKIP's founder Alan Sked still teaches. He identified the many failings in the Farage approach many years ago and left the party. In particular the takeover of UKIP by Neanderthal ex-Tories but again the comparison insults Neanderthals who we now know were quite intelligent.
Marta is getting up a fair head of steam. Keep your eye on your ball Nigel or she may nick that as well.

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