Thursday, 14 February 2013

Eastleigh needs EU facts not factoids

A factoid is a false statement repeated so often, so loudly and by the great and the good that its underlying lie is forgotten. The EU debate has been bedevilled with these factoids since 1970. The main proponents of this scaremongering propanganda tool have been Shirley, dragged through a bush backwards Williams, Fat Boy Clarke, Tarzan Heseltine, John Major and almost every other member of our political elite. I discussed the reasons for this recently and it comes down to these people seeking to maintain themselves in power in perpetuity via the EU.

I watched a US vox pop on gun training for teachers in Colorado recently so they can defend their pupils if need be. I was struck by the answer the citizens gave to the smart media type who said, "What if your Congressman and Senators don't   agree?" The cowboy answered then we just replace them next election and send someone else to Washington who will uphold our views. Now that is decent representative democracy made possible by the bi-annual cycle of elections, What we have is a party controlled democracy.

Our MPs represent their party political elite not their constituents whom they only have to consult every 5 years! I speak from personal experience. In Yeovil we have a LibDem MP called David Laws who was named by the DT for fiddling his expenses to benefit his boyfriend. The fundamental veracity of the allegations was never challenged yet Laws did not face a criminal trial. He was not recalled to face the electors at a fresh election and having resigned from Dave and Nick's government is now back as a government minister!

What is wrong with our democracy? David Laws sums it up! My fundamental requirement of any one standing for political office is do I believe the candidate knows Right from Wrong.

Tim Congdon has been beavering away undermining these EU phile factoids with facts or to put it simply the truth. He has shown the 3 million jobs in the UK depend on our being members of the EU factoid is just not true. The opposite is the case. The EU has been destroying jobs both in the UK and in its beloved Eurozone. Tim's killer fact sourced from OECD statistics is the proprtion of the 15-64 age group in employment, 64% in the EU, 70% in the UK, 72% in Australia and 79% in Switzerland. The figures are worse for young people so if you want your children to have a job either vote to leave the EU or advise them to emigrate to Oz.

On immigration and jobs, in the 4 years ending 2011 the number of jobs occupied by UK born workers fell by 800000 and those occupied by the accession countries, Poland etc increased by 200000! Again if you want your children to have a job vote to reverse this immigration.

Ms James, UKIP's candidate, needs to do her homework. She has already had to apologise for her comments on Romanian pickpockets. In politics you can get away with a very few facts to support you argument or if not factoids parroted by the great and the good but you can't get away with unsupported allegations. Not even the Fuerher can do that.

Labour's O'Ferrall is a funnier version of Farage. The bloke in the pub who knopws nothing about the constituency but has a few good jokes and likes going to pubs. Another Bob Servant perhaps?

Tories' Maria Hutchings claims to be a straight answer person like Farage. Unfortunately she does not want to answer questions on subjects like abortion and often has to be shut up and re-interpreted by Shaps and Pickles.

Lib Dem's Mike Thornton sat on the council that approved a plan for a whopping 4000 new houses on a greenfield site but tries to make out he is the guardian of the countryside. He also, thanks to Nick, has a big student problem.

Its how not to do politics all over again.

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