Sunday, 31 March 2013

EUKIP MEP wannabees play game of thrones

As always the wannabees do not do it very well. The main character in the Sky series is a Richard III figure,  a Machiavellian dwarf called Tyrion Lannister. The story unfolds from the viewpoint of seven different characters, but Tyrion dominates, if only because he has all the best lines. Asked how he’d like to die by an axe-wielding thug, Tyrion replies, ‘In my own bed, at the age of 80, with a belly full of wine and a girl’s mouth around my…’ Well, you get the idea. He’s cynical and jaded, but also clever and ambitious. You root for him because he’s aware of his moral shortcomings — just like Richard, in fact.

Toby Young in the Spectator likens it to the Tory party.  I disagree it has clear parallels with EUKIP.  The link is

I envy those of you who can afford Sky and can watch this unfolding political drama.

I don't think the Tories can supply such a rich cast of characters but EUKIP certainly can. They flourish in the dank, dark world of  EUKIP. Casting nominations please. My casting couch awaits.


The Reporter. said...

Ingenious production one could say, no doubt there are many who would like the ending of the dwarf. I can't see the realtionship between the conservatives, I think there is now a sinking realisation by voters there will not be another tory government, I think if they were to elect Boris, the ballot box would be empty, but I'm not allowed to say what the majority of people call him on this blog, I might get into trouble.There appears no other Tory Champions in the pipe line.

Mr Bock said...

Yes, well I think we have to be realistic on that point, even the devout Tory votors in middle england are washing their hands on them by the truck load, I was unfortunate enough to see Chole Smith address the Health Service in Norwich, she was booed and heckled in the city centre by the audience, of course question time and a few other local issues have sealed her fate, that's for sure.As for Cleg his party appears to be on meltdown as well.

ALAN WOOD said...

The next opinion poll on the effect of the CYPRUS debacle will be interesting.
It should play into the hands of UKIP as all parties, including GREEN PARTY, PLAID CYMRU & SNP all support the EU.
However, UKIP do not have the structure to fight County local elections, let alone MP elections in 2015.
They could be successful in 2014 at EU and District level elections but must use that to fight well in 2015. That could be the last chance to do something about the EU before they lock the door and throw away the key.

Mr Bock said...

Well we hope something might change,the false promises of the
conservatives and former labour government never came to anything,
the window of opportunity is fast
closing,If we don't see a change on
policy total economic chaos might
unfold even here in the UK, our
deficit is not that far behind them
and we are a small Island in comparison, No doubt the tory government will keep sticking the
boot into the poor.Still nothing on
immigration,apart from more crap
unworkable legislation from Cameron.And the statists getting richer and richer.

Mr Bock said...

PS, Line Jumped, As in US deficit,
line 7.

Eric Edmond said...


As always I agree. This gives UKIP a great story to run in the elections, local and general but I agree they do not have the people or the organisation to use it.

This Cyprus thing will run and run as the ramifications sink in all over Europe.


Mr Bock said...

I think you have a very valid point eric, it's a snowball type senario,no doubt, of course most ordinary people don't fully understand these complex subjects and whats going on in relation to goverment finance, Of course the election battle will be a big challenge I agree, two formidable political armies with lots of resources,in saying that,I think they will see heavy breaches to their power base sheild wall, so come what May as they say.It's important we relaise the majority of people are sick of the British two party system, and want a real alternative the conservative and labour governments, the Tories on their own will simply never win a majority, those day's are gone for good, no doubt at all.

Mr J Norden said...

Very good point,we should always remember the battle of Montgisard 1177,I think the tories are taking hard hits, with even X police becomming labour members and candidates, they did an excellent
leaflet drop in my area, obtaining
all the data on government cuts, it
certainly put the frightener's on people that's for sure, can't say
I am much of a fan of an over paid
police state, don't want to see yet
another woodentop controled government like we had under Bliar,
this has brought about much of the problem we are seeing today, with
huge amounts of disposable revenue
going into the coffers of totalitarian control mechanisims.

Mr Marsh said...

I think these people in the police and health serivice hold a lot of political power, I had to get the
train from Cromer to go the hosptial in Norwich, they were giving out leaflets about all the government cuts,at the reception desk, very nicely printed they were to, I think that lot in the NHS have never had it so good,it's a pitty that lot can't the ambulance problem sorted over here, we've had a three hour wait for people laying in the road with broken bones,pity Anna Dougdale can't that sorted.

The journalist said...

Well anyone who has studied political history knows this, what
we are dealing with is the legacy of the former Labour Government, mass state bueaucracy, history shows un once such systems are established, politically they are
difficult if not impossible to remove, somewhat like the EU.They
effectively control all the trump
cards, no winners!

Research student. said...

I love reading your blog, it's very interesting, I am student doing political research, I really don't know who I will vote for at the moment, but I like some of the idears of Ukip. I don't think I will vote for Labour,I am not a fan of their leader at the moment, of course Edward Samuel Miliband came to england after the second world war,from poland,I am not saying he is politically inexperienced, his father was in fact a famous "Maxist" academic,I think we need someone who can bring change and he has yet to convince me, there is a lot about him on Google.

Admin said...

God only knows whats going on with
the health service in Norfolk, last
year they spend thousands printing
glossy mags, with Anna Dougdale star of the show, claiming it is a
centre of alleged excellence, and
we see amublances qued up 17 at
a time because they don't have the
resources to treat emergencies, someone somewhere is telling porkies, without any doubt.

ALAN WOODD said...

Recently, my neighbour of 79 fell in the road and after 10 minutes was found by an ex-nurse who phoned for an ambulance saying the old lady had a fracture. It was freezing so we covered the lady in a duvet and waited. An NHS car arrived after 15 minutes and the medic called for an ambulance. After another 30 minues an ambulance arrived. The words exchanged by ambulance team and medic suggested something weird about policy changes at ambulance HQ to hit targets.
The staff at our NHS Trust do the best they can in trying circumstances but when the money really dries up I dread to think of the outcome.
Too much money is spent on people who waste themselves by getting fat and needing gastric bands, getting pregnant with no means of support,fighting after the pub, IVF treatment when there are too many children already, etc.
Make them all pay for their treatment.
As for road accidents, why should people who do not own a car pay for those that have accidents. Let the insurers pay.
The trouble with democracy is that the people getting the handouts vote for parties who promise to keep the system going. How do you break that cycle?

Admin said...

People have already paid for it have you seen the cost of tax and NI
in relation to germany, their health service, cheaper and better
point of fact, we all woke up this
morning to find tents on the car
park of the Norwich Hospital as they have run out of resources, people laying in the road waiting
three hours for an ambulance.

Mr Bock said...

Allan, of course as you say, why should people pay for this and pay for that, why should people who get a speeding fine now have to pay surcharge on top of the fine for victims of crime, they are not their vitims, and all the money is just creating jobs for the middle class bureaucrats, why, should I have to £15.00 on top of a ticket surcharge to compensate someone who has probably been mugged or raped by an illegal anyway.The crime has nothing to do with me, why should I be required to compensate the victim, as with the
new laws from the DVLA continuous
insurance, if you decide not to drive your car, and it's on your
own property why should you be trawled before some welsh kangaroo
court and be fined because you don't want to re-insure your car for few day's, and then get a criminal
record, the state are dictating
every aspect of our daily lives,
creating, bigger ang bigger statisim, we have become people with the rights of infant school
children, the state controling every hour of lives, Britain has
become nothing but an open prison
much to the thanks of the EU and
those in our own government.We're all being policed by the computor with no legal rights or freedom over our own lives.

Mr W Blower said...

Of course Alan much of the problem with the Norwich Hospital concerns the fact this was a creation of New labour, built on the basis of loans, much of thier income goes on the 70% interest on the money they borrowed, the hospital is plagued by long term sickness leave with some being on sick for two or three years, and then the extortion salaries or pen pushers and paper contracts, there is really only a small amount of the total income spent on patients. That's a fact!

Stephen Allison said...





In August 2007 the NEC, in consultation with the party leader, will establish an MEP Candidate Co-ordination Committee. The number of member on this committee and their identities will be confidential to prevent lobbying by potential MEP Candidates. All meetings of the MEP Candidate Co-ordination Committee will be behind closed doors and no minutes will be taken. This is to preserve the absolute confidentiality of the process.

Any fully paid up Party Member as of 1st September 2007 can request to considered by the MEP Candidate Co-ordination Committee as a potential candidate for the Party List for the 2009 European Parliament Elections.

Application must be made using the approved form (can be downloaded from the Party Website) and be accompanied by a high quality head and shoulders photograph suitable for publicity purposes. Final Date for receipt of Applications will be by the Close of Party Conference in October 2007.

It gets worse in part

Stephen Allison said...





Initial interviews will be held in the period after the Party Conference but before Christmas 2007. Interviews will be held on a regional basis by a member of the MEP Candidate Co-ordination Committee or their designated substitute. These interviews will determine only the candidate’s suitability to stand. There will be no ranking or grading of candidates at this point.

In early February 2008 all potential candidates will be invited to attend a selection event which will result in the first draft the Party List. A nonrefundable deposit of £1,000 will be required to attend the first round selection. The list will be split by region. The list is subject to ratification by the NEC and by a full ballot of the members. All potential candidates will be required to sign a legal release indemnifying the Party from any injury damages or loss howeverso arising from attendance at the selection event.

Part 3 to follow.......

Stephen Allison said...




Part 3

To obtain a place on the list, prior to ranking, every candidate will be issued with a 6 inch steel dagger, honed to a razor sharp point and with a slashing edge. All Candidates will then be placed in a large room and the lights turned off.

On the signal to commence all candidates will attempt to stab all other candidates in the back. Candidates attempting to plunge their knives into a rival’s chest or straight between the eyes will be disqualified. The only permitted alternative to a stab in the back will be a single slash to the throat.

Candidates forming groups for mutual protection will immediately be disqualified unless the group is registered in advance with the MEP Candidate Co-ordination Committee and is approved by them.

Some candidates may, at the discretion of the MEP Candidate Co-ordination Committee, be issued with either two knives, a stab proof vests or a set of low light vision goggles. Some candidates may receive all of the above. The decision of the MEP Candidate Co-ordination Committee to award additional equipment will be final.

Candidates selected for early elimination by the MEP Candidate Co-ordination Committee, or who question any aspect of the selection process, will have their knife replaced by a small haddock or other suitable fish (as an illustration of how the Common Fisheries Policy has been a disaster for the UK). In exceptional circumstances some candidate may also be fitted with illuminated bulls-eye targets on their back with an LED message “STAB ME” running around the target.

Stephen Allison said...




Part 4

When the total number of candidates still capable of stabbing a rival has been reduced to the number required for the list then the first round selection procedure will be deemed complete.

Unsuccessful candidates who have survived the process will be given first aid and returned home after signing a total confidentiality agreement. Candidates receiving fatal wounds will be buried with full Party Honours and nominated for an “Unsung Heroes” Award at the next Party Conference. Prior to the lights going out all candidates will have been required to sign a new "Last Will and Testament" bequeathing their total estate to the Party to be used as the MEP Candidate Co-ordination Committee think best.

The MEP Candidate Co-ordination Committee will retire to a behind closed doors session at a suitable 5Star location to place the survivors into a ranked list split by region. The MEP Candidate Co-ordination Committee may be required to remain sequestered in luxury for several weeks in order to agree the list. All expenses will be met by the Party. Criteria for sorting the list will be confidential. At this point additional "wildcard" candidates who have been allowed to bypass the initial elimination process may be added at the discretion of the MEP Candidate Co-ordination Committee. Any candidates that become surplus at this point due to additional candidates being inserted above them in the list will become "reserve candidates" The MEP Candidate Co-ordination Committee’s decision will be final.

The ranked list will be given to the NEC for approval. Any NEC member not approving the list will be required to resign. Vacancies on the NEC will then be filled by suitable placemen who can be relied upon to do what they are told.

The full ranked list will then be published in the next Issue of the Party Magazine which will also contain a ballot paper for members to approve the list. The members will be asked to approve the full list as it is published, no discussion of individuals on the list or rankings will be possible due to the unavoidable complexity of the selection procedure.

Ballot papers will be returned to Party HQ where they will be opened under the supervision of an observer from the NEC. Votes unreservedly approving the list will be placed into a box for counting. Votes that do not approve the list will be shredded immediately after opening.

The Complete list will be published on the Party Website as soon as final approval by the membership ballot is verified.

Due to the fluid nature of British Politics the list will need to be subject to continual review and upgrading as circumstances change (for example a C List Celebrity joining the Party and requiring first or second place on a winnable list). The decision of the MEP Candidate Co-ordination Committee is at all times final.


Mr Reginald Molesworthy said...

I don't know what it is about the tory heart lands, that Chloe Smiths
ward is a shocker, my old mate works in AD, their overtime costs
are an outrage, they have problably
got the highest overtime bills of
anywhere in England,like some of that. And that constabulary, when they're not doing overtime, so the rags say they spend thier time wearing fancy
aprons. No wonder it's all tax here.