Monday, 1 April 2013

Cypriot Archbishop shows up Justin Oilwell

Chrystomos II has just shown the Most Rev Justin Oilwell how to influence governments. He has called for the Cypriot central bank governor and the finance minister to resign for selling Cypriot banks out to the Huns. Would that Cantuar would do the same and defend our island from the Franco Prussian empire.

Chrystomos also offered all the wealth of his church to try and save his country. Justin Oilwell's church is obscenely rich. It owns a huge amount of land that could be used to build houses on for the poor he is always wittering on abou. He should take a lesson from Chrystomos and put his church's money where he flaunts his piety.

Justion Oilwell has followed the example of the Cypriot president  Anastasiades who in mid March stashed his 20bn Euros in London. All politicians do this even Farage who stashes his fage papers in the Isle of Man well away from Gideon's clutches.

The Cyprus bezzle is now emerging and is documented in Richard North's blog, 

 It is a sorry tale of graft and corruption. More important is the US press is wakening up to the incompetence and structural weakness of the EU. This will transmit to its currency, the Euro and hasten its demise. Thos will be a shot in the arm for the whole of Europe including the UK. Remember what happened when we got booted out of the ERM by the perfidious EU.

Richard finishes with a prophetic line I endorse. Things are quiet in Cyprus for the time being but it could easily explode into street protest any time particularly if the Orthodox church supports the protests. I seem to recall an Archbishop Makarios who gave the Brits a lesson in the 50s!  


The Reporter said...

Of cousre the church in cyprus are indeed wealthy, and the offer made by Chrytomas, will be looked at very seriously no doubt by the politicians as one solution, I think the reality of the situation is this, only a short term fix,what will probably emerge,is a situation,were one fills in a hole to see another appear behind you. Of course the church in Cyprus are still quite wealthly, but the power and wealth of the church in the EU has been on the demise for several hundred years now, they are no longer capable of controling the state, as once indicated by the facts of history books.I don't think these proposals will fix the problem, without the introduction of long term economic stategies, "Quick Fix" short term, not the answer. One must presume the Germans have started to get twichy about the situation, with the proposed withdrawal of gold reserves, no doubt more bail outs, the meeting with Clinton and China has made no positive conclusions on how to deal with recession, it still looks grim to say the least.

Mr Bock said...

Very interesting, you kow what what
the old saying is never look a gift
horse in the mouth.

Mr Bock said...

i have just been looking at these new laws and they appear to work like this, if you are in hosptial or on holiday,and your insurance runs out you will be issued with a fine, and record,The appeals system is costly and complex, you have to go to your doctor or provide evidence to the appeal, which incidentally are not a lawful court of law,the DVLA proposals indicate the potential for billions of tax payers pounds to spend on nothing but rediculous nonsense creating one of the biggest state transport regulators the world has ever seen. All at your cost and detriment. letters from docotors will have to be paid for, and are not available on the NHS the DVLA are just trying to dig themslves out of deficit at your expense.