Thursday, 21 March 2013

Farage, UKIP's curate's egg

The TV footage yesterday showing the Cypriot finance minister in Moscow begging the Russians for a bail out says it all about the EU. Will he get his money? I think so with strings of course but Cyprus is a member of the Eurozone so what are they doing? Well they created the problem by making, as one Rusiian minister said, every mistake from the big book of EU cock ups. The ECB has given the Cyprus government until Monday to come up with the money. Or what? Welll not a lot they can do to Cyprus extra to what they have already done.

I have never had any policy differences with UKIP Fuerher Farage. To us the well worn cliche you could not get a fag paper between us on policy. Farage is great at putting the ball into open EU goals and he did this two days ago in an interview he gave to Putin controlled Russian TV. One for the conspiracy theorists to ponder! Click on link  to watch Farage at his best putting the boot into the EU.

My differences with Farage revolve around the strategy and tactics to get us out of the EU where Mr F's EUKIP  is woefully deficient. There were people around who could have filled that gap but alas they have all been purged in Stalinist operations. Like the curate's egg Farage is good in bits but overall fails his party and his country.

So what will happen now in Cyprus? The penny is slowly dropping that rules and due process mean nothing to the Eurocrats. Even the LibDem MEP S Bowles has admiited that. It is therefore very difficult to make any rational forecast of what these people will do next to preserve their sacred cow the Euro.

If I were a Eurocrat I would remember what happened to Litvenenko in London. No one has evere been charged with his murder and no one ever will be. That is global realpolitik. But what happened in London can happen in Brussels or Berlin just as easily.

Cyprus is 0.2% of the EU economy and 12 bn € is peanuts for the EU compared to say a bit of unsolicited Polonium to sweeten your coffee. The reputational damage this has done to the EU is immense. What is there much vaunted banking reform package worth if a government can help itself to its citizens bank deposits when it needs to fill a hole.

Cypriot banks are shut until Monday so the action will switch to Spain. I expect a lot of London bankers will be thing Xmas hascome early.

Gideon's budget was a waste of thime. It was not even good theatre.


Mike Bridgeman said...

With the county elections a month away Xmas is coming early for Ukip.

Eric Edmond said...

Watch them cock it up!

ALAN WOOD said...

This week should see UKIP as the automatic choice for voters in view of the rubbish budget and the Cyprus fiasco.
The 2013 local elections could have been a stepping stone to the European Elections of 2014 and the General Election of 2015.
Instead, the grotesque creature that is UKIP (a giant head with no body)will be slaughtered because the giant head contains nothing except vicious teeth which devours members and spits them out instead of using them to build a body.

These 36 County/Unitary elections in England & Wales are the hardest to win next to a General Election but UKIP have not built up their ground troops despite all the money in the MEP's pockets.
Their stock will plummet once the results are in.

It will be interesting to see whether the Conservative/Lib-Dem parties maintain their share of the vote. I'll bet that voters stay away from the polling booths in disgust at the political class and that Mike Bridgeman in Wiltshire wins a seat as an Independent candidate.

Mike Bridgeman said...


ALAN WOOD said...

Too far.

Mr Ludendorff said...

Of course Russia could bail out cyprus, there are more millions in
Mossco than any other capital city
in the world. I have to say. it could rest on the fact Russia simply does not see this as their
problem, they did not contibute to
it, why should they bail them out,
politics of common sense.