Friday, 22 March 2013

UKIP's May 2nd county electoral strategy

Ms James stellar performance at Eastleigh shows the two requirements for a successful UKIP campaign are a good presentable normal candidate  electors like and can identify with plus a concentration on the problems EU immigration is, and will, cause for ordinary people and their families social housing, school places for their children and jobs for themselves and their families. All these are under threat from unlimited EU immigration plus the burden they place on welfare benefits that they have not contributed to but claim for themselves and their children who may not even be resident in the UK!

Jo Co on the Daily Politics revealed that every week Cameron gets the results of an opinion poll reporting what the great British public are most worried about. She reported that over the last 40 weeks immigration has topped the poll every week but one. Its that important and its the big issue that arises directly from our EU membership.

UKIP also had a lot of troops on the ground in Eastleigh. It cannot mount that sort of effort over all 2000 or so county seats. UKIP must concentrate its effort in its strongest areas where it can mobilise most troops but they have to be backing a good candidate and concentrate on immigration where the three main parties are vulnerable. The candidate has to link immigration to every possible local issue but it has to be done in a cool factual way with as little emotion as possible. Mrs James did and every UKIP candidate should try and emulate her cool style. It works.

Which areas? The ones that satisfy the above criteria but its as important to avoid areas with known eccentrics like monarchist fanatics. Let them go and wave union jacks when her majesty visits. It has no place in modern political elections Even more so no Islamophobes or other closet racists. The media will seek out these people and portray them as main stream. A nutter makes good TV but bad politics!

I have already had the LibDem and Tory leaflets but no UKIP. Why is that? Lack of footsoldiers. You cannot win without the footsoldiersI something  EUKIP quafing in the brasseries of Brussels does not get. To succeed UKIP needs a leader based in the UK, preferably Mrs James.

Well done to Lawrence Webb winning a council seat in Havering for an interesting party UKIP Local Residents. Now how did he get that party name past the Electoral Commission?  He is a good guy and not a sycophant. Indeed I recall the Fuerher being  displeased with him possibly because he was close to Gerard Batten. No matter, Mr Webb won and lets hope many more do on 2nd May including Mr Bridgeman.


ALAN WOOD said...

Interesting info from the
Party Leader:
The Party does not have a Campaigns Officer !

UKIP Local Elections "description" is quite clever - 6 words (UKIP is four).
Good luck to Lawrence - wasted in UKIP.

Mr Nigel Paul Farage

Nominating officer:

Mr Peter David Reeve


Mr John Stuart Wheeler

Campaigns officer:


Other officers?:



Emblem Id

Emblem description


a pound sterling sign with the letters UKIP through the middle


a pound sterling sign with the letters UKIP Scotland through the middle


Emblem 3




UK Independence Party

Plaid Annibyniaeth y DU

UK Independence Party Wales

Plaid Annibyniaeth y DU Cymru



UKIP Wales

UKIP Cymru

UKIP Local Residents

Abolish Assembly UKIP

UKIP Diddymu'r Cynulliad


UK Independence Party Scotland



United Kingdom Independence Party


Mike Bridgeman said...

Eric and Alan,
thankyou for your support.I think I will struggle as the current Councillor (Con) has been seen having his photo taken in the market square. He has done a good job these last 6 years. Very supportive of the parishes and attended most meetings. He also got 48% last time (20% more than me standing for Ukip)
In my opinion, assuming Ukip can raise the candidates and get them on the slate they will do well.
The County/ Unitary elections will be supported by the leadership and no rugs will be pulled. Why?
Because they can do no serious damage. Their hands are tied by EU regulation. They can't break the law and they can't change it, so no problem and no challenge to Ukip's leadership. It also fits what the leadership wants-pressure on the Conservatives so as to get a referendum, but no lasting damage to their mates.
As Eric said in an earlier post there is not a fag paper on policy between myself and Nigel, except the one where I want a real political party after we get out of the EU and Ukip's leadership see it differently.

ALAN WOOD said...

Hi Mike,

If you want to win you have to put it all in, with a good team, knocking all the doors and with some good literature.
Picking the sitting candidate to oppose, who is streets ahead already, means you have an uphill struggle.
If you have any doubts and feel you cannot win even if it kills you - and it may - then pull out now and do not waste everybody's time.
Can you do a straw poll among, say, 25-50 homes of differing types to get a flavour of your potential support before making a final decision whether to go eyeballs out ?

Eric Edmond said...

All excellent advice! Woof woof. Do you see A Neil has kidnapped my wife's new dog to sit on his sofa with Starkey.

The Boiling Frog said...

Jo Co on the Daily Politics revealed that every week Cameron gets the results of an opinion poll reporting what the great British public are most worried about.

Dr Eric Edmond, which episode of DP was that on? I had a quick look at Friday's but couldn't find it.

Thanks in advance

Eric Edmond said...


It was on Monday or Tuesday I think


The Journalists said...

Firstly,lets consider the cost of
immigration crime, I did a quick surf on metal theft, many of the crimes being committed by immigrants, a three month study concuded this has already cost 90 million, without the paracites in the Justice system or lawyers bleeding the tax payer dry, in some cases these metal thefts have had serious impact on communications and rail transport,
these are direct attacks on our infrastructure, the new laws brought in by may did not work, Why? Britain is a corrupted state
ill with corruption, it's a bit like what the Germans faced during
the second world war,I think in these araea the French Resistance
would not have enjoyed such successes, we live in a country unable
to visulaise the future, unable to
see round corners, this will be their folly and demise.

Simon said...

I tend to agree, a good sensible write up, of course you're dead right about the monarchist flag wavers, with all the flack still flying around from NI they could give a bad press, they have certainly not attracted many firends in middle england that's fore sure, I think a cool head stay on course is the right pilosophy control of ones emotions!