Saturday, 23 March 2013

Farage's UKIP benefits from BNP demise

Immigration used to be the issue that dare not speak its name except by the BNP. They have now imploded and UKIP has moved into take over that space now it is safe to do so. It is clearly the right policy to go on and it was good to see Farage going strongly at it in his Exeter speech today. Immigration is the number one issue with middle England and its link to the EU is crystal clear.

Less good was the Farage approved decision to invite one of his less savoury MEP friends from Bulgaria one Stavi Binev named by the former US ambassador in a Wikileaked confidential telegram as involved in prostitution and trading narcotics and stolen cars. Binev was challenged about this by Crick on C4 News tonight and denied these allegations claiming the US envoy had been listening to his enemies. This will now be the standard media tactic to undermine Farage who does have many MEP associates  with similar backgrounds in the pan European group of MEPs he leads. You will see a lot more of this post Eastleigh.

It was disappointing but not surprising to read Crick saying that Mrs James would take the place on the UKIP SE region MEP slate previously occupied by Marta Andreasen. UKIP cannot get us out if the EU lead from, and paid by, Brussels. Taking Brussels thirty pieces of silver clearly remain Farage's top priority. Listen to the end of  his speech.

For those EU crats wanting to pinch Russian money in Cyprus consider the chilling report that controversial Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky has been found dead at his home in Surrey. Reports claim he took his own life.

Andrew Neil remarks, "Old KGB saying: any fool could commit murder but it takes an artist to make it look like suicide."

Farage also better look at what happened to Mr Huhne at the hands of Ms Pryce and ponder the old saw, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned before he adds to his collection. The ladies might have sympathic journalist friends like Ms Pryce's Ms Oakeshott.


The Jounalist said...

I think you make some very good points in your blog regarding the immigration issues, I think it's fair comment to say some of the former BNP voters have moved over to U Kip. this is what concerns me, of course I read thier blogs, but in fair comment some do not appear to be the brightest light bulbs in the box for sure, O f ocurse immigration is a big issue, it's leading britian to even greater dificit, on top of the 1.3 trillion we all ready have, there are very noted concerns about the health care buget with some immigrants at six times higher risk of diabetes apposed to british nationals, this area of buget has already overshot target, the long term immplications can only be described as truely horrific projections,obviously it is conclusive that britian has become a totaliterian state, being run in the main by a corrupted police and court system, we should expect no shield to protected our country from them, that fact is more than clear, the country is sinking under a swamp of crime and corruption in all areas of public life, including the NHS, horrific cases before the GMC last year in the main covered up by that yet another corrupted quango, I think in reality is may already be to late to resolve the situation,my worst fare would be changing one government for another government, where as history shows us, they just pursue the same agenda, we are already living under a psychopathic police state, similar to the one chatholics had to endure in Northern Ireland pre-peace process, I feel it that policy continues, we will end up a prison state in the North Sea the indications are we are heading for this ice burg, some quick calculations of the immigration bill, and crime bill for Norfolk is hard to comprehend, I did not know we had that much money in the county, no past government could find such amounts so one can only presume this is deficit spending, come hell or high water, of course the BNP did not have the brians to run a country, if they were ever elected chaos would soon follow,we should also rule out the police, the university career polititains are half baked, this without doubt, unless U Kip can attract the right people I don't think they will get elected, they still only appeal to a small audience that is beyond fact.

SRN Richard. said...

This is indeed somewhat of an enlightening article, I have friends in the NHS and access to FOI media documents, it was shocking to find the books being
cooked on diabetic numbers in Norfolk, I tried to obtain information from the NHS run by dougdale, they provided false figures, it then transpired that over an 18 month period there had been over 15,000 new diagnosis, I
beleive the real figure to be about
18,000, it's shocking we have got
to the stage where in Norfolk we have witnessed
a three hour wait for an ambulance
with people laying in the road with
broken bones, the health service has fallen into chaos complete with
falsified accounts.Is this waht you call government Chloe Smith.

Eric Edmond said...

Thank you both for pointing out the problems unchecked immigration has created for the NHS, Diabetes is certainly on the increase in the UK but the link between infectitious diseaes eg drug resistant TB and immigrants is easier to sustain and clearly true.

About 3 years ago I went to see the man, John Crofton, who saved my life and many thousands of other children who contracted TB in the fifties. He died about two years ago and with him went the practical knowledge of treating TB resistant to PAS, Strep etc. We have nobody left like him.

I was amused to hear this morning's today programme saying UKIP was no longer a one issue party but a two issue party having discovered immigration. The truth was Farage was scared to touch it whilst the BNP was viable. I and many others in UKIP thought immigration was the big issue with the voters.For this we were smeared by the Farage appartatchiks. For the record I have never been a member of the BNP or ever attended a BNP meeting or appeared on the same platform with a BNP speaker. I have only ever been a member of one political party in my life, UKIP and I was so sickened by what I encountered I did not renew my membership. I will never join another political party. They are all the same, corruptive and pernicious and exploited by to benefit their nomenklatur and apparatchiks not their ordinary members.

Immigrants are not a free good. They need housing, health services, schools for their children all of which are currently in short supply in the UK.

Sation X said...

Yes you're right Dr Edmond, have you seen the FOI for aids lately'
this has risen considerably, the health buget projections are well out as is the education buget, you may have seen the news today, got
who ever is doing maths for these
tory and labour governments, Chloe Smith, how is these buget projections were so wrong, the crisis today in London is serious.

metal Work Teacher said...

Yes, I saw that on the news,how the
hell has this happened, how can any
government not know the figures for
the number of required schools, this is simple stuff, good only knows what a mess the more complex
mathmatical projections are in.

Rafa said...

You make some real good points here,how in gods name do they tell
us we need 50 new schools and the
figure suddenly jumps to 65, Gove
indeed he should Gove away. deficit
next year 1.6 to 7 trillion, place
your bets now, this ones favorite. Whats your diagnosis Doctor.

Eric Edmond said...

You should know your overall Primary schhool place needs from the birth figures 5 years back, Secondary places from births 12 years ago.

Rafa said...

Yes of course, but all things have
to have a clear buget strategy, it
looks as if the buget predictions
are running over projection, I see
the housing figures now show 1 house in 10 is being allocated to
immigrants, the buliding projections simply can't obsorb this kind of capacity,the government are thinking of turning
old office bulidings in to schools
to ease the pressure, would this be
a good idear, in veiw of the crisis.

The Journalist said...

Of course today David Cameron dropped the bombshell. he finally claims he's going to do something about immigration, with David Milliband chasing his tail on the same issue, does one get the correct feeling U Kip's policies are suddenly being hijacked, albeit not at gunpoint,has someone in the tory party suddenly realised U Kip are making so much political gain in this area of common sense,and concluded yes, another vote booster when all seems lost,of course privately I do think so.Of course David Cameron tells us today, the NHS is a National Health Service and not an International Health Service, to be fair, it's took some time for him to establish these facts,but the tortoise eventually made it to the finish line, of course there is no fool like an old KGB fool, they don't appear to be foolish, Russia does not have a free International Health Service point of fact.