Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Is Diane James UKIP's Joan of Arc?

It is widely reported that Ms James will be on tomorrow nights Question Time. I wish her well but she must be circumspect in her comments. Dimblebore D embodies the BBC LIb Dem elite. He was also a former member of the Buller like Dave, Gideon and BoJo. Joan of Arc won several important victorys for France in the 100 years war for which a French bishop had her burned at the stake aged 19. I am sure Ms James will escape this fate. A good performance tomorrow will establish her as UKIP's leader in waiting. let us hope we don't have to wait too long.

Not so Mr Collins, Chairman of UKIP Bristol who has been caught on the media making ill considered remarks which were gleefully replayed on the local BBC TV news tonight. He has stood down as UKIP candidate in the forthcoming County Elections. It is as I opined and there will be many more Mr Collins.

But its your UKIP enemies behind you that you must watch also. Look what is happening now to Chris Pain newly elected to UKIP's NEC. The UKIP trolls, you know who's attack dogs, are operating against him in full smear  mode. He goes where I and many others, Del Young and David Abbott to name but two have gone before. Its the UKIP way for those who put our cause before the leader.

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