Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Have the BBC started on UKIP already

UKIP, as cast iron Dave once remarked, has a lot of fruit cakes and loonies. These will be quite easy for the BBC to find as many of them post their views on Tony Butcher's British Democracy forum. Most of them post as anonymous trolls but I have no doubt an organisation with the BBC's IT resources could easily track them down.

I still get attacked by these trolls although I have not posted there for a number of years. Some of these previous  attacks were libelous and if these cowards had the courage to put their names to their posts I would have sued them for libel and defamation. Now, I know when these postings starts up again, which they do from time to time, I must be getting close to the Brussel's bone.

I noticed one of these postings by troll FKEU on Niall Warry's thread that I quote below,

Neil who got invited on QT and did ok and pushed the UKIP brand you mean?

Now that implies the Beeb invited Hamilton.  Wonder why? Well if you read my previous post you will understand. The Beeb has already started on its UKIP smear campaign and who better to start with than Neil Hamilton, whose name is synonymous with the Tory sleaze allegations at the end of the Major government.

Next up might be UKIP's ecentric collection of leaping Lords and pseudo Lords, Monckton, Pearson and W Legge aka Dartmouth. The Beeb have stacks of footage on the latter two. Pearson, NF's nominee as party leader who before the 2010 election seemed unaware of great swathes of the UKIP manifesto much to the amusement of Andrew Neil. W Legge gave a stellar tantrum performance in the European parliament chucking his papers around like a spolit child much to the amusement of the Europhiles. Some of Monckton's claims are off the wall.

Eccentric Lords make great TV and I expect the Beeb to milk this to the full.

There is lots of great footage of Nigel's friend G Bloom UKIP MEP to use as well plus of course Andreasen ex UKIP MEP with lots of footage of her and Nigel very close and chummy. Those were the days!

UKIP's spin doctors and fire fighters are going to be kept very busy but of course the real killer will be when the media start on Nigel! Eastleigh hurt the political and media Establishment and they are out for UKIP's blood.

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Anonymous said...

You guys make me laugh! So full of threats, so desperate to prevent UKIP from being heard. So impotent. No longer in control of the narrative. Ha ha.

You can't land a punch on UKIP because no one expects (or wants) UKIP to be "professional" like the established parties. No one doubts that UKIP contains eccentric and outspoken peple. Attacking on that basis is futile. That's part of the UKIP charm. So what if you don't like it? Actually, for many people that's part of the charm too :-)

Attaking UKIP on your terms only serves to make you look even worse thsn you already do. The British people want to ralk, and they're sick of self righteous hypocrites shutting down debate.