Monday, 4 March 2013

How the BBC will destroy UKIP

I start with a statement of the obvious, the BBC detest UKIP. The Beeb is staffed by Guardian reading, Lib Dem supporting Europhiles. Indeed you don't get recruited by the BBC unless you fit this profile. They want UKIP to disappear from the UK political scene as fast as possible and will do everything in their power to bring this about.

Eastleigh has been a wake up call not only for Cast Iron Dave but for the Beeb. They will of course give their usual pseudo objective but Europhile biased coverage of all topics. Europhiles will be interviewed sympathetically and Eurosceptics aggressively. Rules will be rrigorously applied to UKIP but interpreted for the LibDems ie the usual pro EU coverage with hours of  unchallenged airtime for Clarke, Heseltine, Mandelson etc.

Far more dangerous are UKIP's own fruit cases and loonies. The BBC will search them out, flatter them, interview them, carefully edit the interview and thus promote the nutter image of UKIP. This cannot be controlled as there are so many of these people some even personally brought in by the party leader for their high media profile but who have subsequently fallen out with the leadership. I don't have to name them. You can guess who they are.

At UKIP branch level there is a plethora of such people. Most are well meaning, decent, honest ordinary people with a bee in their bonnet and easy meat for the BBC smart Alecs. At MEP level there are convicted criminals, mysogynists, Islamophobes. All however will be eager to pontificate when a film crew knocks at the door.

There will be an incessant drip of this negative material. Some might call it negative campaigning but remember this is the BBC! They will not be short of material. Remember that for an average 30 min documentary the Beeb will shoot 100 hours of interviews. With a bit of skilled editing you can make that material support any story you want.

It will wind up with the fobiles of the latest as yet unannounced Farage appointees. Never the best judge of character NF there will soon be a new crop of Andreasens and Bannermans for Nigel to eventually disown. Still we have Gawain to keep a lid on this sort of thing. He is going to be a busy man!

Even the supreme dear leader himself is rumoured to be under scrutiny by the media for an 'in depth' investigation. I can't wait.

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chrish said...

Good points Dr Edmond-and it comes to pass just as you predicted.
Still-when you`re getting such hysterical perpetual ack-ack flak...that only means that you`re right over the target.
I hope and pray that May 22nd will begin the British Revolution...I hate the BBC, and despair at all those elephant traps they set.
But equally exasperating is the UKIP naivity, and willingness to talk crap for a soundbite...a bit of discipline and professional insouciance re the UKIP hating elites would do them wonders.