Sunday, 3 March 2013

What now Farage?

First the good thing about Eastleigh was that three parties Lib, Con and UKIP put up good candidates. All were people with experience of  work and family life. around mid-life. There were no juvenile haed office policy wonks like Milliband, Clegg and Cameron. Labour went for the parachuted in media personality and got trashed. That can only work in safe seats like Liverpool Wavertree wher the central party machine can ride rougshod over the local party as its majority is so large it does not need party activist workers to win.

It's different in marginals like Eastleigh where you need a good candidate that local party activists will go out and work for.  The LibDems had a larger, younger, better motivated and better equiped army of workers than the Tories and UKIP's last minute cobbled together shambles, props S Crowther & L Duffy. LibDem local  activist knowledge was the difference between winning and losing. Thanks to Farage UKIP does not have such people. They were all purged  by UKIP's Stalin years ago as Andreasen pointed out recently.

These good candidates were chosen by the local party not by head office. Farage's UKIP .is going in the opposite direction. UKIP's PBI were recently conned into voting supreme powers on candidate selection to Farage. It was little different in practice in 2009 where the only two non-Farage sponsored caniddates were Batten in London and Colman in the South West and Farage tried hard to have them deselected in favour of his sycophants. Greg Beaman voted  as number one on the North West UKIP MEP slate conveniently stood down in favour of Farage's favourite Nuttall whom we have had to suffer ever since.

Farage then goes on TV at Eastleigh to bad mouth the 2009 MEP group that he largely approved. Incredible! He was the one who chose Andreasen and Bannerman who deserted to the Tories. Look at his favoured candidates and media spokesmen now, the Hamiltons. Poor little Batten will be deselected for disloyalty not to UKIP or its policies but for daring to stand against Farage. Trevor Colman continues to plough his lone furrow in the South West upholding UKIP policies. He will be deselected by Farage in favour of Neil Hamilton. That really will put UKIP on the high moral ground dpn't you think!

Farage gave away his future plans when bathing in the media attentions earned by Ms James at Eastleigh. We must now move on to a mould breaking performance in the 2014 European election he trilled. and then added as an after though t and of course the county elections in May this year. That showed Farage's  priorities. There is a one million pound pay off to all MEPs elected in 2014 and for county elections? Well for sure they don't improve Farage's bank balance.

Its brilliant the way the EU corrupt political systems and politicians. MEPs have just passed a vindicitive piece of legislation against the City of London disguised as a move against banker's bonuses. The Swiss have a similar bill before them. What are they doing? That's right they are having a binding referendum!

The EU hate asking or consulting us ordinary, dare I say it, plebs. The have 750 EU paid, and thus largely EU controlled, MEPs who like Mr Farage know on which side their bread is buttered. Its so much easier to keep all decisions in the hands of the political elite who all uphold EU groupthink. Even if EUKIP won all 75 or so UK MEPs they would still be controlled by the EU who has them by their bank balances. It was always thus and UKIP's wannabees know this.

The only way out of the EU is through the hard unpaid slog of winning seats in County Elections but Farage prefers the easy lucrative path to EU loot. Eastleigh is not the begining Farage claims. It was a unique coincidence of UKIP favourable factors. It is the high water mark that we wll not see again in my life time.


Junius said...

UKIP exists only as a means to get Farage and his sycophants elected to the EU Gravy Train - nothing more, nothing less.

Farage is now a very rich man thanks to the EU. Turkeys don't vote for Christmas!

Eric Edmond said...

Indeed, and he is greedy for more and his sycophants can see riches they could neveraspire to given their non-existen talent. Napoleon pointed out in politics it is not a handicap to be stupid indeed in UKIP it is a real asset.

supercool said...

UKIP are the future

Sign this petition to restrict Bulgarian and Romanians from entering the UK:

Almost 70,000 people have signed this at 100,000 it goes to Parliament

Eric Edmond said...

The word UKIP is singular.

Only leaving the EU by 31 Dec can stop the Bulgars and Roma. Even if you got 40 million signatures it make no difference. Lie back and think of Nigel.

Mike Bridgeman said...

Just downloaded my nomination papers for the unitary election.
What odds will you give on an Independent in blue Wiltshire?

madasahatter said...

as far as the eu imposing a ceiling on bankers bonus,s at the moment it is only a proposal and will be quite some time before it gets to the next stage you and the media need to get your facts right

Eric Edmond said...

Mike, I will have to see the full card.

Mad Hatter,

Stock Markets and banks look forward. They see what is coming down the line at them and act now. They are not like politicians, Lib Dems,who can fob the electorate off claiming they must wait for full investigations to report.

My facts are right but you obviously do not understand how financial markets work.

HSBC stands for Hong Kong and Shanghai. They were headquartered in HK pre their Midland Bank take over. Given they make 90% of their profits outside the UK they could shift their head office anywhere.

madasahatter said...

they may look ahead but i still believe you should check your facts and state play as it is now not what may be

Eric Edmond said...

If you want to stop this wait and see is not an option.