Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Shock, horror, Farage visits lap dancing club.

This astounding confession was made to JoCo on Beeb TV today, click to watch the full confession

This follows on Farage's stellar performance on a C4 news jolly visiting Bulgaria, click to watch

Great stuff. I caught the end of C4 7pm News tonight and there was a discusion from Portsmouth or Southampton of the imminent Romanian - Bulgarin  influx to the UK on 1/1/2014. The usual collection Tory, Labour and Lib Dem MPs had been assembled plus some carefully chosen vox pops. The liberal elite seem all over the media.

Who spoke for UKIP? Gerard Batten UKIP MEP for London. Why not the South East MEP the region the city is in? Ah well that would be Nigel Farage. Now immigration is a hot topic with lots of votes in it. That's why LibLabCon put out such a strong team including John Denman. A politician serious about winning would have been there. So where was Nigel? His actions show him up as a dilettante.


Mr I.R. said...

I think the shocking disclosures about new labour yesterday where horrific, we knoe find out, billlions and billions were lost through tax avoidance, the conservatives have promised to crack down on these criminals, they are cutting wefare whislt making full admission totally bilions are being lost in avoidance fraud, we must deal with these criminals effectively, The leaks on loses under new labour are a disgrace. They wre all talk.

Penny Tubworth. said...

Yes I saw that in the national yesterday, this is crime they must
not be allowed to get with, I work
in government and we know it's going on it was terrible under labour, my friend sally works at tax office we knoe they are doing it, but do the way the proceedures are structered they can't get them.
It's a crime it's theft she said our hands were tied by labour, at least the conservatives are going to get them.

Mr Tod said...

Lucky Bugger, thought he was to old for the club scene.

Mrs Peacock member of Christian Society said...

Absolutely disgusting young girls
these day's should learn some morality.I'm not bothering to vote I can tell you, lap dancers indeed.Gay marridge what a world we
live in.