Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Farage hubris growing

As we know Nige has had a nice little earner of a trip to Bulgaria courtesy of C4. Click to watch  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qH7TEQZR2Rc

So where did you come from with that funny name, Mr Farage asked the tough lady interviewer. Wow, that's one in the gonads. Farage seemed to be saying he comes from Huguenot stock. That's one I have not heard before.

Today Guido also reports Farage shooting off his mouth off to the press,

Farage Confirms Hancock By-Election Plan

"A month ago in his Sun column Guido revealed that UKIP are already up and running on the ground in Portsmouth South in anticipation that self-confessed teen fondler Mike Hancock will be forced out, triggering a by-election. Today Farage has confirmed he is predicting a by-election this summer, telling a press gallery lunch that he thinks UKIP will win. Dave will note the several Tory MPs quaffing Merlot with the hack pack as Farage confessed he had been a frequenter of lap-dancing establishments, laid into Leveson and endorsed Gove for PM."

Well last time I looked Hancock was still MP for Portsmouth South but maybe Mr F has had a tip off from Cleggie.

UKIP have one big problem, who to choose as candidate. Mrs James types don't grow on trees.

Will Farage himself stand? We must wait and see but Farage chould remember that after hubris comes nemesis. Still his luck may be in again as tonight it is tweeted by Cathy Newman the Met are launching a formal investigation into LibDem Rennard.


Mr Bock said...

These investigations never come to anything we all know that, the met
are about as corrupt as they come.The investigations teams are getting over 250 a month for serious corruption leaks of government documents, passing evidence to criminal gangs and giving tip offs. You need to get your act together, the election is
now not far away. If you blow it will probably be your last chance.

Eric Edmond said...

Mr Bock as I said in this block I am barred from becoming even a member of UKIP. No explanation was given to me. Its the EUKIP way.

I will watch the developments from a detached and academic standpoint.


ALAN WOOD said...

When I first started in Politics in 1996 and joined UKIP you could not get a mention in the national press or on BBC/ITV.People thought I was mad. The media and other politicians portrayed us as mad.

It is a massive task to grow a political party because the Labour, Conservative and now the Lib-Dems have the advantages of air time thanks to the broadcasting rules.

The establishment like it that way, as does the business world,CHANGE creates confusion. The rules were framed to prevent overnight change.

Farage realised that the European elections represented a weakness to be exploited for PR and personal gain. Sadly, the latter has attracted the piranhas like the current crop of MEP's and wannabees, with one or two exceptions.

My email load shows that the anti-EU feeling in UK is growing. White, indigenous, males and females recognise the threat from the EU and from excessive immigration, plus a Muslim factor.

With Europe teetering on the edge of a massive financial crisis, the mood of the public could be to UKIP's advantage. They will not win many seats in County Councils - its too hard to win - but their vote share will go up massively where they have candidates and aid the result in the 2014 European elections.

Bt unless Farage is replaced by someone as clever as Alex Salmond UKIP will fail dismally at the 2015UK Parliamentary elections, as they did previously.

Britain needs a far-sighted leader, of any party, who can motivate a whole nation to leave the EU, sort out our Energy policy, and get everybody working.

Mr Bock said...

Seems to be the british way at the moment, no explinations for anything. Still at least you won't
have the corrupted police to worry about, now the new invstigation units have been set up, they are
starting to committ sucicide, two
last week. I wonder if the rates
will go down now, we had a 2% rise
on our bill for the newly elected
police commissioner. I suppose we
are so paying his pension he resigned from the police chair to stand, many of the other candidates
had to stand down because they dug up minor police records on them, I
thought the elections were meant to
be democratic, before the elections
we had the police chair running the police, and after the elections he's still running the
police. Is that what they call democracy in Tory Middle Class

Eric Edmond said...

Alan, Alex Salmond is playing a long game very well. He is letting the establishment make the running and picking off their issues one by one.

Mr Bock said...

Yes don't underestimate that one he's no fool. he nows how to play
that lot at Westminister. He was at
Thatchers funeral.

Eric Edmond said...

Yup, wee Eck is the smartest politician in the UK by miles