Monday, 22 April 2013

Privatise the BBC for a balanced and fair EU debate. I agree with Farage

I tried to put an e-petition on the Downing Street website demanding a bill to privatise the BBC only to find someone had beaten me to it by two weeks. I urge everyone to sign this petition any way click on to read it and sign up. I tried to put this on Butcher's forum only to be attcked by the Farage trolls that live there for handing more power to Murdoch and a load of crap about our need for a national broadcaster. We have three excellent non-BBC free services, C4, ITV and Sky so why pay for a fourth. Cricket coverage improved hugely when C4 took it over from the BBC and has continued to improve under Sky. ITV covers the Indian Premier League excellently. C4 has covered Horse Racing so well it now it will cover even Royal Ascot with Balding jumping ship from the Beeb. ITV has left the Beeb well behind in the drama field with Downton Abbey and Broadchurch.

There has never been any complaints of editorial bias at C4, ITV or Sky whereas every week there are complaints of BBC bias.

The BBC excels in one field self praise for its own brilliance. It shows non stop adverts to support its self promotion. It is like a fading Hollywood star, believing its own publicity.

Murdoch is a mortal man and will die one day like us all. The BBC is a self perpetuating liberal left immortal elite. Murdoch's companies are subject to the discipline of the market place. The BBC is answerable to no one. Its chairman Patten is the high priest of liberal left elitism. It gets its money from a government tax called a licence fee. It is not subject to market discipline and can never be controlled.

The BBC is now interfering in the EU debate on the Europhile side. It is making the news not reporting it. It commissioned opinion polls in Bulgaria and Romania as to who wants to come to the UK. Farage was righly incensed by this blatant attempt by the Beeb to influence the EU debate. Click  to read Farage's excellent comments.

I have always fully supported UKIP policy as articulated by Nigel Farage. My differences relate to his ignoring UKIP rules to push Andreasen etc onto UKIP slates. This still continues with alleagtions that Hamilton has been promised no one spot in the South West and Gaunt the same spot in the West Midlands. Junius reports, "We also note that Farage has promised to 'purge' his MEP lists of 'undesirable' candidates prior to the lists being published. Gerard Batten is one of those now regarded by Farage as an 'undesirable'"

The problem is those whom Farage regards as desirable, Neil Hamilton a failed politician, John Gaunt a radio personality etc. How are these characters going to get us out of theEU.  Farage's track record on choosing good MEPs is not good including Andreasen and Bannerman to name but two.

MEPs should be chosen by UKIP members in a Electoral Reform Services ballot. Like me their loyalty is to UKIP and its crusade to get us out of the EU not the fickle applause of the media.


The Journalist said...

Only 4.2 percent of the Bulgarian
population are applying to come to the UK, I think the BBC will have
to change everbody seems to hate
it now. There's a new awareness
sweeping across the Island (conclusive) BBC HATE to this
there is no doubt, they are becomming Britains most hated.

Mike Bridgeman said...

MEP's won't get us out of the EU.
That's the problem

Eric Edmond said...


Agreed but independently chosen MEPs could be asked to promise to donate a large chunk of their EU salary to our cause rather than their IOM bank account

Mike Bridgeman said...

Until Ukip sees our cause as getting as many MP's in Westminster as possible we do not have a cause.

Eric Edmond said...

Again agreed Mike. The only way out is by repeal of the 1972 European Act in Westminster by a majority of MPs