Sunday, 21 April 2013

Boston & MEP slates

Thank goodness an alert citizen's tip off led to the capture of the second terrorist bomber in Boston. It was excellent he was taken injured but alive after a fire fight. I have always been puzzled why British police shoot outs end up with such a high percentage of dead suspects. Are they better shots than the Yanks? I doubt it especially given  the US gun culture. In military ops for every fatality you get 9 wounded. UK police statistics seem to be the reverse of this. The only reason I can think of is UK police are using soft nosed bullets. The increased potency of such ammo was shown in the Day of the Jackal when his last shot with a mercury tipped bullet totally destroyed his target melon. Such ammunition is illegal for military use under the Geneva convention. I would be very happy to be contradicted in my thoughts on this matter.

A Neil had a go at Hilary Benn today on the manipulation of Labour MEP slates by the union Barons. Benn did say that the final positions on the slate will be determined by a vote of ordinary Labour members. You won't get that in UKIP as Farage will choose the regional slates and the candidate order therein. It will of course be presented as an NEC decision but surely only the feeble minded will believe that canard. So if you want party democracy don't join UKIP join Labour.


Mr Winchester said...

I think without a doubt the Americans are better at dealing with these situations, stun grenades were used in this exercise,
of course contrary to popular belief the American Police do not
operate a shoot to kill policy such
as the British Police do, However it has to be considered policing in
the USA is a very dangerous business indeed, they face the gun
everyday, and more importantly many
of the people they encounter have
no hesitation in pulling the trigger. They are much better trained in negotiation, they have
more experience in dealing with
armed situations, the British Police are trigger happy, like having a P behind a wall and killing the wrong suspect, yes we
do remember the London tube, and many others.

DavidinRome said...

Indeed, reading the IPCC reports on the killing (murder) of Jean Charles de Menezes shows a terrible failure of leadership. A tendency to let things go along and to wait for them to happen rather than to take charge and shape events.

The plods just let him walk from a low risk area (out in the open fairly alone) where he could have been challenged relatively safely to a high risk area (on a bus, then in the tube) where the danger of mass casualties was high - leading to the terrible decision that the threat was so great they had to kill (murder) him.

The Americans (I've worked for them) love procedure as a means to remove the human element from decision making - it can have it's downside - but in these types of situation it saves lives.

Pete from coventry said...

Murder him is the right word, they
didn't even have the powers of basic observations to realise he was wearing the wrong clothes to
the suspect they are overpaid and
pathectic to say the least, and as
usual that corrupted IPCC and the
police tried to get out of it by leading a trail of false evidence
and missleading facts. Rats

Chuck Connor New York said...

Did I just hear you boy`s talking about the Americans, I lived in the UK for while when I worked on the North Sea Oil Rigs, you know the problem with your police and court system it`s 100 years out of date, you basket case judges live in a different century, you classify people as criminals for stealing a loaf of bread, or doing 2 MPH over the speed limit, your justice system is full of paracites from the middle classes who earn a dodgy living milking legalaid and brining cases to court that should never be there, I like the $25.000 theft of the banana case, and the $4,000 loaf of bread cases, no wonder you`re in deficit all the money is milked by lawyers and barrister, I have sat in on some of those trials it`s disgusting the way those sick inbred judges and lawyers treat your people, you`re still stuck in a victorian time warp. Your police are violent thugs, you assualt everyone you arrest even for the most minor crimes, your whole economy and goverment creates crime for the existance of a middle class corrupted few, expoiting humans like animals. I`m glad you don`t have guns, there would be a lot of dead people in the UK,you crimnalise your people for profit to the advantage of a sick minority, glad I`m out of there and back in the USA, your country at the moment is going nowhere.

Eric Edmond said...

Mr Connor,

There are a lotof guns in the UK but they are held by two groups the police and criminals/terrorists. Its only the law abiding that are prosecuted if caught with a gun which may not have been fired for many years.

Yes of course our judges are overwhelmingly from a wealthy public school elite and have no idea how ordinary people live.

Chuck Connor said...

Well yes I agree, but none of three
groups of people you mention are any good they all criminal scum including the Police.Of course
the judges are basket cases to say
the least.But the people you refer
to are easy money for the corrupted
lawyers. Easy Meat as they say.

Anonymous said...

Well yes chuck these lawyers are
cleaning everyone out, their out of
control unregulated. hence the problem, another load of public school boy's who think they run the
country by birth right.

ALAN WOOD said...

Listened to the "talking heads" on BBC radio today. Lots of differing views on the situation in Boston with the Police & SWAT teams.

These evil young men not only killed 3 people in cold blood and maimed many more for life, but they went on to kill a M.I.T. officer in cold blood. They could not be allowed to continue their killing spree and I have nothing but praise for the handling of the situation by the authorities and the courage of the police faced with these maniacs.

On the matter of judges one should not forget that they have to work within the laws set down by the politicians and especially the EU's laws.

I went to the Old Bailey to listen to the famous case of the butcher who challenged the EU laws on weights and measures. The judge was highly qualified and vastly intelligent, pointing out in his summing-up that EU law took preference. A sound decision even if it stuck in the craw. At least it showed that we are governed by an alien bureaucracy over which we have no option but to "touch the forelock" or leave the EU.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree Alan. I was very impressed by the US police and the FBI.

Anonymous said...

I certainly would not agree with that the judges in Norfolk and the
Police quite openly state they don't give an F-ing dam about EU or
HR law. at the old Bailey they would have to say that as they are
under public scrutiny, that's not
tha case in lower courts and you
talk total nonsense when you suggest judges in the UK comply with statute law.

Anonymous said...

"Chuck Conner" ...

Stealing a loaf of bread will get you a criminal record in the US too. (or can you name me a State where theft even of a small amount is not a criminal offense?) U.S. Police are, if anything, less civilized than ours - they shoot and kill far more suspects than ours do per capita (see suicide by cop) - you have a whole phenomenon named after it

"your justice system is full of paracites from the middle classes who earn a dodgy living milking legalaid and brining cases to court that should never be there"

See "ambulance chaser" - it is an American phrase and only came here after Blair's "No Win, No Fee" reforms (circa 1999 -) Also see the USA McDonalds trials where someone got millions of dollars for pouring hot coffee on themselves.

If our country is stuck in Victorian ages, yours is stuck somewhere between the Wild West and American Civil War and apart from money worship and a largely defunct constitution (or rather an "aspirational statement" that was pretty much killed at birth) has no culture whatsoever except moronically waving flags at disasters and declaring yourselves "non hispanic" ..

Also the US has a big deficit (or didn't you notice?) and is owned by China- thanks to the globalism and compulsory "free" trade agreements that YOUR government pushed at every stage with it's almighty power (NAFTA/WTO/NATO etc etc etc ).

Please as bad as things are here in dear old Blighty, don't lecture us on the sane exercise of power. You, in your minuscule period of world domination (1945- 2013) and total loss of face and respect worldwide, have no credibility left. I hope you enjoy yourself back Weedhole, Montana...

Chuck Connors said...

Yes well fair comment. We both have
problems either side of the Atlantic.

Mark hampton said...

We also have high numbers of suicides in the UK, does not matter
if it suicide by cop or suicide by
rope or other means it's still suicide. Yes I agree about the judges and lawyers,the abuse of legal aid the system became to comercial, the law has effectively
cease to exist as lawyers become to
secure with their new found wealth,
they don't seem to apply the law in
the lower criminal courts anymore, it appears to be a senario, they all criminals who turn up hear, a look at a record gets a quick verdict and fee from legal aid. Of
course the US is breaking down when
my mother was there in the 50's nothing like today, there has been
a reversal of fortunes for sure, it
appears to be heading like south
Africa from outside, but the UK is not good either. One thing about the british police if we gave them guns, we would have a lot of dead
people, i think they would love to kill people they call scum.