Thursday, 18 April 2013

Slimey Obama & spiteful UKIP

The published list of guests who were at Thatcher's funeral shows a surprising omission. There was no Obama or anyone from his administration. My mother always said there are good and bad of all colours and races and Obama is one of the bad guys. He has traded on his black skin for electoral advantage. He traded on the Gulf Deepwater Horizon disaster in which 11 people died to smear our country calling BP, British Petroleum with emphasis on the British for sordid US electoral reasons. He is no statesman and dishonours the great office he holds.

From Wikepedia:

 Piper Alpha was a North Sea oil production platform operated by Occidental Petroleum (Caledonia) Ltd.[1] The platform began production in 1976,[2] first as an oil platform and then later converted to gas production. An explosion and the resulting oil and gas fires destroyed it on 6 July 1988, killing 167 men,[3] with only 61 survivors. The death toll includes two crewmen of a rescue vessel.[4] Total insured loss was about £1.7 billion (US$3.4 billion). At the time of the disaster, the platform accounted for approximately ten percent ofNorth Sea oil and gas production, and was the worst offshore oil disaster in terms of lives lost and industry impact.[5]

Thatcher, our PM at the time, treated it for what it was a disatrous accident  She never played the national card like the sordid Obama. She rose above the making of political capital from a tragic loss of life. Why on earth was Obama given the Nobel peace prize. He had done nothing to merit when awarded and since the award has done nothing to promote peace unless you include keeping the war in Afghanistan going.

I do hope the FCO and MOD have noted this Obama snub. He is clearly lining up to support the Argentinians in their Falklands claim for his usual reason domestic US electoral politics. He wants to curry favour with the 80 million plus Hispanics who are now US voters. We need to strengthen the Falklands garrison now and keep two of our nuclear subs close to these islands.

I received the following email originating from Crowther's payments company.

Dear Dr Edmonds

Just to confirm that £15 has been refunded to your card (details below) as instructed by David Challice (Head Office Manager)

If you need to contact him please use or telephone number 01626 831290.

UKIP Head Office

Challice is Crowther's clerk in UKIP head office.

When following Audrey Spencer's death I was asked by Yeovil branch to stand as UKIP candidate in the ward I live in, and stood in last time, I pointed out that I was no longer a member of UKIP but out of my admiration for Audrey I would try and rejoin so I could stand as their candidate. EUKIP's subsequent spiteful actions shows exactly the sort of people Farage and Crowther are. They are not interested in getting us out of the EU only in keeping the EU gravy flowing in their direction. To win votes in any election you need candidates on the ballot paper. This elementary fact seems to have escaped Crowther and Farage. Their hatred of me shows where their true interests are.  I have always supported UKIP policy 100%.


----- ----- --... said...

Obama comes from Kenya, he is a muslim and attended muslim school,
It's claimed his birth certificate
is defective by some US sources even close to the CIA, there is a rumour some of his family were subject to tourture by the British.

The Journalist said...

Of course Obamas grandfather was sentenced to two years, subjected to tourture by the british government, some state this as a reason why he loaths the British, I think anyone who has been subjected to tourture will understand his thinking. In saying that we must remember he is a US elected president, and not British, I think as a president and leader, my own views are based on his performance in office, from that point he appears to be able to cope and do a good job, he has a lot on his plate for sure, I genuinely believe he does do his best for the USA on policy whilst navigating very difficult waters, we must remember he was elected by democratic process, he has right to be president both in political and legal mandate. He does have his enemies but there again don't we all.I don't think I will make judgement history will do that.We must remember his defict is lower than the UK he's holding well on the economic front whilst the US has taken some hard hits.

Tex Alamo said...

I think when we look at obama, we
have to look at the situation from
a US perspective. If I were living
in the US I would say without doubt
I would vote for him,irresptive of
his colour or alleged background.I
think when you vote, you vote for
a candidate based on what he is going to do for your own circumstances, I now many people
don't like him, but I don't hold the veiw he is a bad Guy!

Mr Toffington said...

I think on the subject of tourture when such acts are committed by the British Authorites there is alway'a bill to pick up one way or the other. Tourture acheives little it does nothing for the reputation of the British or the corrupted justice system, we know underground in establishment various forms of tourture are indeed practiced, either in physical or psychological format we know such things are covered up, Obamas reactions are no doubt based on his experience. Torture is illegal but let's face the facts some regimes just ignore these facts.

ALAN WOOD said...

You have so rightly highlighted the widening rift with the USA and its leader. UK is being dismantled by the Democrats in the USA and with their blessing they are letting the left-leaning EU finish the job. Maggie tried to intervene and they finished her off, no doubt to the delight of the USA.
The dying British Empire is no longer seen to be relevant on the world stageand we are being politically tortured.

As for UKIP, they had old scores to settle with you. Time to move on. Use your talent to create something better than UKIP or just enjoy your remaining years in a horse racing syndicate.

Eric Edmond said...

Tex, I take your point that your view on Obama depends on where you sit. I remember at Oxford in the late 60s the Yank liberal elite used to foam at the mouth about Nixon and Johnson who had real achievements in foreign affairs and domestic politics. The worst and most dangerous president in my lifetime was Jack Kennedy who almost got us into a nuclear war and did get the US into Vietnam. He was a man who followed his prick. Curiously Clinton was in Oxford at that time and was not a great success with the ladies so where did his reputation in that department come from?

Alan, yes indeed I had disentangled myself from UKIP until Audrey's death. I will try and write on other matters more. UKIP is just a huge con. The only horse racing I like is Royal Ascot and that's because of the high class tarts on view there not the horses.

ALAN WOOD said...

With your predilection for the Ascot ladies I nominate you for the Kennedy award.

Having watched my mare covered by the great German stallion SCHIAPARELLI you have a lot of competition.

Mr Toffington said...

Well yes Edmund, this is true, if
you're sitting in the right place
he is a good president indeed, but I think this is true of everyone, the big problem with the political
circus is you can't please everyone
all of the trump, Obama has some trump cards, when ever there is a
natural or man made disater he is there giving full support to the people,irrelevant if they are black
or white just look at the way our
government treated people ruined
in the floods with no insurance, they were left to rot, as well as those who's houses fell into the
sea on the east cost. UK governments do care about people,
that's a fact.

Mr Bock said...

Yes, good point they do really care
about their people they leave them
to rot in bankrupcy in the UK They could learn a thing or to from Obama when
it comes to genuine concern for you
fellow countrymen that's for sure.More to the point if the money had been spend as it should have been on flood defence and prevention we would never have had the problem in the first place, it's
all gone in the statists bank accounts, look at the drainage ditches full of fly tipped shit, they do nothing accept put expensive prawns on the council dinner menues subsidised at our cost.

Eric Edmond said...

Good points Messrs Toffington Bock but what about US health care?

Alan, I will order my blue pills. Get me my royal loose box pass asap

Mr Bock said...

Yes, bad I must say, very high mortality for the poor but in saying that same in UK, of course
Obama will not be able to do anything about health care, to many
people against his policy, I don't
think it will change one bit. But
the UK is not good, as a post graduate Ph.J I have alway's had
my suspicions about government figures about diabetes from the ground point of view, as the years have gone by these were proved right. This morning another shocker
under the FOI plans to bring in routine for all over 40's are likely
to see up to 500,000 new cases every year, this will bankrupt the
DVLA, the new EU legislation is set
to cost billions, they are making
so many cock up's leading to court
cases and appeals it's hard to get your head round, the money should
go to the NSH budget, they are serval hundred nurses short in EA,
Statists claiming overtime and lawyers filling their coffers will
only lead to further economic decline is the part of the EU plan
destruction of UK economic structure perhaps.