Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Two funerals and a Farage tale

I could not attend the St Pauls do today as I had previously agreed to attend Audrey Spencer's funeral at the Chard Baptist Church. Its a lovely church built along Scottish/New England lines. The funeral was well attended, over 200 I estimate with UKIP Yeovil branch well represented. It was good talking with these great supporters of the cause although one lady UKIPer confessed she had kissed Nigel Farage at a Taunton photo op. That was  over a week ago and Farage still has not turned into a Prince but obstinately remains a frog.

The BBC are having a field day setting up Farage's chosen candidates and letting them hang themselves and UKIP on live TV. Two of Yeovil UKIP branch decscribed Mr Collins performanc on Sunday Politics West as cringe makingly awful. You are going to see a lot more of this type of set up with equally unflattering photos. Its not Mr Collins fault. UKIP have never bothered to set up proper candidate training weekends. If you support Nigel you're in is how it works.

Worse it seems that Lisa Duffy is in charge of UKIP candidate selection and training. It is reported she was on Any Questions last Friday and did not do well to say the least according to UKIP stalwarts I met today. Ms Duffy is of course a devoted and unquestioning follower of Mr Farage.

Another UKIP candidate, Ken Bell, that's him on the right below with Froggie Farage,

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage and Ken Bell

has had to stand down as a candidate in Pendle, that is big witch country, following the publication of emails in which it is alleged he insulted women and also Mrs Thatcher. Again we are gratefuk to the BBC for this information. Click on
to read the full details.

Junius click on for a UKIP take on Mr Bell.

It is alleged there were some nasty tweets involved, a UKIP speciality.

Who will be the BBC's next target. I have forwarded my complaint to D Laws MP with a request to put it to the chairperson of the Media and Culture select committee but as always I am not  hopeful.


Anonymous said...

This is a common problem, they can effectively target who they like now, both the BBC or anyone else wants can do this. The Tories are quite good at it themslves when it comes
to targeting people for political
reasons the police use similar methods to target critics. It's something that is being used more
frequently with maxium effect, it's
all become a dirty business.

Mr Bock said...

I would not hold your breath about
complaints proceedures these day's,
they appear ineffective, most of the government bo's have got it down to a fine art when it comes to
misrepresenting the facts and evidence to your detriment, they
produce some fancy report full of
false facts and details and get clean away with it, then call themselves professionals, of course
they normally loose a bit of evidence or have a shred up on the
way, but that's what things have come to. I often wonder how they
get way with a government agency
investigating government, concerning law breaking or illegal malpractice,they seem to investigate themselves and get clean away with it. what happened
to peoples right to independent and
impartial tribunal or investigation. They have all but
dissapared from the face of the
planet, they can get away with murder now, as easy as pie, No doubt at all.

Eric Edmond said...

No Mr Bock I am not holding my breath on this ona and Yes the police in the UK get away with murder.

Ken Bell said...

I am not so sure that one SWP activist counts as "women," especially since the row was not about her or her party.

I tweeted on the death of the maggot and the UKIP regional organiser who seems to be chairman of the local Margaret Hilda fan club went and had a funny turn.

Having realised that the old whore was never anything other than a hate figure in the north he then compounded the error by claiming that it was all about the SWP member. If it was that begs the question what is the relationship between a UKIP organiser and an SWP member?

Sorry to bust the myths.

Eric Edmond said...

Mr Bock see my comment today on the Boston capture of second suspect. UK police seem to end up shooting them dead.