Tuesday, 16 April 2013

BBC invokes its human rights

As I reported I wrote to the BBC just over a month ago requesting summary statistics of their QT audience. This followed the stitch up of UKIP's Diane James post Eastleigh. It is even moe relevant now where for the post Thatcher QT the BBC assembled an audience dominated by those who had  not been born when Mrs T left office in 1991 stabbed in the back by the Europhiles like Clarke.

I have had to print and scan in the BBC answer to my FOI request as I refuse to pay £50 for a pdf package that will cut and paste pdf documents so it may be a bit diificult to read.

The salient point is that claim their, human rights might be infringed if they released this data. Given what they have just done in North Korea using 12 innocent students as human shields for their sordid jounalism I find it to sick making for words. They could have got these students banged up for 20 years!

The damage they have done to serious academic work is incalculable. I hope the President of the Royal Society makes this point very sharply to the DG and fat Patten. They prattle on about their need for absolute editorial control. I dare say Kim's propaganda people peddle a similar line. Heads should roll for this. Its as bad as Millie Dowler.

The BBC is an organisation out of control and our need for it has long since passed. If I can get through the Downing Street web site I will try and set up a petition calling for the BBC to be privatised. It would save all 30 mn of us licence payers £146.50 pa. That's over £4 bn and would boost the economy  no end. We have Sky, CNN, C4 and ITV all of whom provide an excellent
news service.


Fourstepstraining said...

It's strange that an organisation that likes to hold others to account seems to get excluded from having to account for its own behaviour.

The BBC is a law unto itself!

Eric Edmond said...

Indeed! The BBC is above the law. They are worse than the tabloids imo.

The Jounalist. said...

You should think yourself lucky Edmund at least you can read it, you should see some of the evidence the police produce in stich up cases, you can't make head or tail of it, even under a X's 8 loop, how this sort stuff get's accepted by judges as evidence is beyond comprehension, of course they could be lucky old Kim Pong poo. does execute many by firing squad, after they have been balled at verbally assualted, they then stuff a pebble in their mouths, make them wait a bit longer then fill them full of lead. Not the way I would like to spend my day!Anyway you should now the BBC by now, surely.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes I have known the BBC since 1966 when my cousin worked there and David Frost decscribed them as a hard working group of homosexuals and communists.

As for police evidence I share your views on the reliability of police evidence. Scottish courts do not accept uncoroborated evidence in criminal trials.

Anonymous said...

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