Monday, 15 April 2013

Farage's mouthpiece Crowther says No to my candidacy

That was the message I got from my local UKIP branch who wanted me to stand in the County Elections following the sad death of Audrey Spencer. Crowther was the UKIP apparatchik who managed to screw up UKIP candidate entry for the London Assembly elections ballot paper. He has also installed as SW regional organiser Jim Carver. Does he also share Crowther's fantastic political organisational  skills?

I have seen this all before when on UKIP's NEC. There was an excellent candidate available for the Eastern region, Robin Page. He had and still has a high media profile thanks to his regular Saturday column on country matters in the Saturday Telegraph. He is also an elected member on the board of the National Trust. He was not allowed onto the Eastern region slate by Farage on a technicality arising fro his being in hospital at the time. He would of course have won the members vote hands down and we might have been spared Tory defector Bannerman and/or the wealthy Agnew. Many UKIP members have asked for Bannerman to publish a copy of his birth certificate to clarify doubts about the Campbell Bannerman part. The former Liberal PM of that name died without issue and was not born with that nam. He took it to gain an inheritance. He appears to have been the one and only Campbell Bannerman. Perhaps Tory central office may consider asking the same question. Politics is about doing your homework.

Bannerman and Agnew were at that time useful to Farage. Bannerman was put in charge by Farge of framing the charges against me for the EUKIP kangaroo court I was 'tried' in.

Then of course there was the other Tory defector Andreasen who failed 5 or 6 of the UKIP criteria to be on the UKIP MEP slate but these were ignored by Farage's useful Apparatchik Gill who was in charge of candidate selection and said, "I was trying to be helpful" . Who were you trying to help Mr Gill. It certainly has not proved helpful to UKIP.

Coming up to date there is the candidature of Mr Heale to consider. A former NF Hammersnith organiser, Martyn Heale is standing as a UKIP candidate in the Kent County Council Elections for Ramsgate on May 2, 2013. He also holds the office of UKIP chairman for South Thanet.
Click on to read a full account of the affair.

This becomes even stranger if you look at UKIP party rules

There it states:

The Party Secretary has the right to suspend or expel members who clearly bring the Party into disrepute by association with or membership of an organisation, membership of which the NEC has declared to be incompatible with membership of the Party.

Membership is not available to anyone who is or has previously been a member of the British National Party, National Front, British Freedom Party, British People's Party, English Defence League, Britain First or the UK First Party. Any applications made from people who are or have been members of these organisations will be refused, and any subscriptions collected will be refunded. By applying for membership you certify that you are not and have never been a member of any of these parties.

So why on earth is Mr Heale allowed to stand as a UKIP candidate? It is alleged he was Nigel Farage's election agent. If so that explains everything. UKIP rules can always be waived at Mr Farage's discretion. That is the unpublished rule zero in UKIP's rule book.

Then we come to the case of Bristol UKIP candidate, Phil Collins.

His views on immigrants have been widely reported in the South West press and have certainly caused some confusion. I quote below from the BBC report

For a fuller account click

Phil Collins was barred from standing in this year's local elections in Bristol but has confirmed that he will now represent UKIP.
Mr Collins had said illegal immigrants should be detained in closed down prisons such as HMP Shepton Mallet.
UKIP has accepted these were Mr Collins' views and not those of UKIP.
'Very complex'
UKIP party chairman Steve Crowther apologised to Mr Collins.
Mr Crowther said: "Phil has been a loyal and hard-working servant of the party in Bristol. He made it clear that he was speaking in a personal capacity.
"We are fully committed to free speech and divergent opinions within our party. Phil was trying to make sense of a very complex situation to which there are no easy answers, but which concerns very many people in this country."
What a political genius Mr Crowther is! Watch out Nigel he's behind you as they say in the pantos.
I have never disagreed with official UKIP policy yet this same Mr Crowther who was quick to ban me standing. Again I suspect the Farage UKIP rule zero was invoked in my case but not Mr Collins.
Mr Collins is exactly the sort of UKIP candidate the BBC love to get on their live politics programes. He appeared yesterday in the West country edition of Sunday Politics. Click on 
and skip the first half hour or so and get to the local bit where you can fully appreciate Mr Collins political skills and understand why he is now almost as popular with the BBC as Nigel Farage.

I will attend poor Audrey's funeral in Chard on Wednesday
along with many ordinary decent UKIP members from the South West branches.

EUKIP's huge and insurmountable problem is its ruling group and more importantly their hangers want to stay in the EU so they can get on the gravy train for their £1 million pay off. Who wants to be a millionaire without the difficult questions. No number of new members can change this before the next ladle of Euros is dished out in the so called Europeans to this cabal. Who will get the Euro gravy? Well certainly not ordinary UKIP members their function is to pay and pay and pay for the cabal's self defeating BBC approved campaigns. The selection of candidates is entirely in Farage's hands. The NEC will do as it is told by NF. Euro gravy is only doled out once every 5 years and May 2014 promises to be a whopper.

PS This is the Tory candidate for Sunderland. Has Dave been reading my blog?

South Shields Conservative candidate Karen Allen


ALAN WOOD said...

Jim Carver was the man who invented a reason to prevent a friend from standing in the general election of 2010. He was an acolyte of the late Malcolm Wood. I believe that there is a masonic connection.
Crowther was another Malcolm Wood agent.
After I left the party, having been SW Chairman, Crowther failed to implement the policy I promoted of concentrating resources in seats which were winnable, especially Labour seats.
Lord Pearson went further and stopped candidates from contesting seats which they wanted the Tories to win.
And that is the trouble with Farage's EUKIP.
They are only a pressure group, playing at being politicians.

Eric Edmond said...


I agree with you. UKIP are not as constituted a serious political party. Carver was Malcolm Woods creature at the SWRCC. I believe he is now Legge's bag man. Who would have thought it.


Mr Bock said...

An interesting article on Phil Colins, but we do indeed have to watch the BBC trap and the many
crafty reporters who bag for political gain, with great success
on such issues, firstly, it alway's
wise not to use such words as prison these are taboo, they will
not attract votes, niether will an
obsession with police or law and order, to many people have fallen
victim to these sharks, and it is a
point of fact the police have very few friends these day's even in middle england. I think a subtle and sophisticated pre-planned approach is required in order to
make the right kind of positive reception from the voter, druming
up images of concentration camp type holding centres is a No.No.
Entry assessment centres gives a
more pleasing form of received verbal of exchange, providing reassuring aceptability to any new
legislation regarding the welbeing
of the native population. A pre-planned approach far away from the
old guard we become a normal excceptance, but only if properly
relayed in professional image. A
good artical aware of the pitfalls,
the bottom photograph is what must
be amied for for maxium effect,pleasing to the eye, smart
but not overdressed holding confidence at the same time.

ALAN WOOD said...

The Election broadcast today was the best I have ever seen from UKIP.
It appealed to the majority of voters especially the broad lower middle class, or whatever they are called under the new system of classification.
Whether UKIP have the feet on the ground to pick up seats remains to be seen.

Eric Edmond said...


I agree with you on UKIP's election broadcast, much better as it was not wall to wall Farage.


Eric Edmond said...


I agree with you on UKIP's election broadcast, much better as it was not wall to wall Farage.


Albert foxtrott said...

God who took the photo, look at the
back drop for gods sake, it's probably one of the worst photo's I have ever seen, what was the intention to destroy the subject.
could have done better than that at
10.takes the rule of thirds to a new dimention I must say, totally
depressing scene, a right turn off.