Thursday, 11 April 2013

Why do women voters not like Farage?

Audrey Spencer who was to be the UKIP candidate in the Somerset County Council elections sadly died last week leading to the postponement of the election and UKIP seeking a new candidate. I was approached to stand for UKIP and out of my regard for Audrey, agreed. I printed the forms off the Electoral Commission web site and set out to get my nomination papers completed. My wife was my proposer and I set off round my neighbours to get the required seconder and 8 assentors. All my neighbours knew I had stood for the District Council in 2009 for UKIP.  I approached five of my female neighbours all of whom asked if I were standing for UKIP again. I replied I probably was as it was a UKIP candidate who had died. They were all to varying degrees slightly unhappy some even mentioned they disliked  Farage from what they had seen of him on TV. I said I would see if I could stand as an independent and they all then signed my papers. As it turns out I cannot stand as an independent the closing date having passed for new nominations.

I did not  solicit these negative comments about Mr Farage. They were freely offered, but it did set me thinking  Farage pomotes himself as the bloke in the pub with a fag and a pint. Maybe this does not appeal to the ladies as much as to men. That is a big disadvantage for UKIP given over 50% of voters are women. UKIP's most successful by-election candidates over the past year have been women. This cannot be a coincidence and confirms my tiny sample findings. This is serious for UKIP's electoral prospects as their public image is Farage and his all male cronies. UKIP's two women MEPs Nikki and Marta have recently jumped ship enhancing the all male over 60 image of Bloom, Clarke, Agnew, Legge etc.

UKIP clearly needs more ladies in the Ms James mold but how to get them? This is an urgent problem and requires desperate measures. Mrs Thatcher won all three elections on the women's vote. That is why Tony Blair went down the all women short list route. Its not something I like but it worked for Maggie and Tony so UKIP must follow this strategy if they wish to pose a credible electoral threat to LibLabCon. Leave Farage to puff his fags and sink his pints but if you want to get out of the EU start recruiting some presentable intelligent women now.

Where do you find them at such short notice? It has to be from the ranks of the Tories. Again it has its dangers but the pay off would be huge. Nadine Dorries must be approached asap. I would suggest Stuart Wheeler and his glamorous daughter and possibly Lady Pearson are the right people to do the approaching. Nads will know other disillusioned Tory ladies sympathetic to UKIP. The younger ones will be in Tory Central Office. Back this up with all women Euro slates in 50% of the regions and you will get some great candidates. The time to act is now! There are a lot of Tory ladies worried about their future.

Run this approach onto the 2015 General Election and you could easily get a handful of UKIP MPs UKIP MPs. Its a pragmatic strategy, the kind that worked for the Greens in Brighton.

What about NF? The sooner he stands as leader down in favour of Mrs James the better UKIP's results will be. UKIP under Farage is limited to less than 50% of the vote. Under Mrs James it can harvest the full field. Five to ten UKIP MPs will be enough to get Nigel's bum on the red leather and more invites onto chat shows than he can ever fulfil. He can be UKIP's answer to my neighbour Paddy Pantsdown.

If allowed I will stand for UKIP in Somerset for Audrey's memory. UKIP SouthWest region is stuffed with a whole village of male idiots so I confidently expect I will be barred. Its crazy given there are many South West seat going uncontested and UKIP are trailing 4th behind the LibDems in terms of numbers of candidates. Watch this space.


The Reporter said...

well said, but I think even many woman are becomming disillusioned by woman MP's I think in Norfolk Chloe Smith has done the tories no great favours, with many people now asking the question should she should have been put in the job in the first place, using such discriptions, as useless, waste of time, of course like you say, many woman do vote, but the reality is,if woman vote on the basis of personality rather than policy, you have a national disaster waiting to happen in any event. I think many woman vote on the feminist issues, as they appear to be taking all the jobs at the moment, in some government departments you hardley see a man these day's, that's all right until the lights go out, at that point who cares who votes, it's totally irrelavent. Tony Blair has much to answer for that's for sure, girl power is O.K. but you need more than that to correctly run a country like brains and skill for instance. I turned on the TV to night, there was a broadcast by the labour party they are actually going to do some about immigration so Ed told us, by better than that he's going to stop employment agencies and recruitment agencies from refusing to sign up native english workers, that sounds good, so we now expect when you ring up these agencies and they ask if you are English, you say yes, and they say sorry no English, Ed so he claimed on the BBC tonight is going to put a stop to it. At least there may be some hope for the native English unemployed, but in saying that we should never hold of breath.

Eric Edmond said...

Reporter, I agree with much of what you say as to women in the workplace and of course the import of uneeded labour.

I am a pragmatist. Market research agencies always use middle aged, middle class women to stop and ask people their voting intentions or what they think of a product. This produces the highest response rate and least biased responses. I regret politics today is abou selling a brand.

UKIP's brand image with women is poor. You cannot alienate over half your market and hope to succeed.

I just want us to win.

Ralph said...

It's a difficult and complex matter from a political point of view, I think in some way's the issues and causation has somewhat
messed up the political spectrum to
say the least. on the basis of the
facts, one would never be able to
secure a government where the true interests of the country are put in
the front line of politics, however
they will pay the price for this, the castle walls are being breached
it's only a matter of time.

Tiffiny Swansea DVLA said...

People who makes complaints against
us are being punished, we're putting false data in the computor
on them and loosing their documents
so they get fined and go to prison
"Real Girl Power" then we withold
our identities.

Divi Daviss said...

people don't mess with us girls at
the DVL we soon lose their documents and make their lives a
living hell, take that case on the
RAC website after we lost a form, it's still going backwards and forwards to court, one A4 page costing the tax payers about 20 grand, it's snowballed, not forgetting the false data and our
naughty little fingertips. Girl power, Girl power over men.

ALAN WOOD said...

My wife thinks he's awful - overgrown schoolboy !
Wouldn't trust him an inch with those "beddy" eyes !

The Reporter said...

Well, there may be some truth in that, it's claimed the eye's are the mirror of the soul, you may have a point on that one.

Eric Edmond said...

I trust Mrs Wood's judgement. Its a serious downer for UKIP's prospects.

The Clerk Observer. said...

It's a pitty we can't get someone
from England residing over these
DVLA cases in Wales since they have
been given power of court and sentence without proper trial over
the english they are costing the
county an arm and a leg, yet alone
the massive bills to the tax payers,it must be a diabolic state
of affairs where the English have
to endure such injustice in the hands of the power drunk and pay for the privilege, the sooner this
monster is brought back under English control the better, it has
proved to be one of the biggest
mistakes to hand it over to wales,
we have done better to give it to

Fallon. said...

Yes, I agree, what the F is going
on with that lot in wales, at clinic on Monday, yet another two
disclosed cases with them, they had
lost two applications, claimed they
had no records, and then later sent
two licences. another contact confirmed by computor data had been
lost despite sender data proved they had received it, and now web
sites full of the most horrific errors and incompetence ever witnessed at any global public office, people wrongly loosing their licences and lively hoods, and
then getting themback due to being illegally taken in the first place,
web sites with people from all over
the world complaining, get the F-ing thing out of walse they should
never have been given this in the
first place, Argintina could do a better job, and they hate our guts as well.

Felix A.A. said...

Good point Fallon when you upset woman if they dicide not to like you you will pay the price indeed, Farage may find this out. Of course back to your point, what the hell is going on at that DVLA office in Swansea, it's now attracting the attentions of very serious researches and journalists due to the way it's being run, there are complaints from all over the country, from businesses, traders, general public, they can't get anything right, it's just become to big to function. I was watching PCL last week and even the police confessed it's making mistakes all the time, it's costing England millions at a time when we are in serious deficit, when in the hands of UK hardly any problems to mention, but since being taken over by Swansea it has become a complete nightmare for the English, they don't need it, not with everyting else. Of course the response to errors by the DVLA is to cover it up and pump out more illegal fines, with no access to a court to establish the facts of guilt.Thier spending millions on court cases many people are wining due to thier repeated maladministrations of law and proceedures, loosing paperwork and faulty computor data, I agree we need to get it out of there, back in the hands of the English the situation is simply no good, why are these Tories not doing anything when they know full well all the legislation has become an unworkable costly mess, that will in the long run help bankrupt britain without a doubt.

Trucker John said...

Felix, interesting, they tell people they do not have access to a
court, but you do, just enforce any
illegal enforcement based on maladministration of proceedure of
erornous data, the case will go to
court, there are numerous cases running at the moment. They have
simply become two arrogant, I was
reading about some of the cases in
the RH mags, they are demented, no
doubt you were refering to the RAC
files on the on going court cases,
I was looking at one IWS last week
there are complaints from everywhere.

Les said...

Im lorrry drivor they finned me for
nothings had topaye out of vages.donty like then mucch.