Wednesday, 10 April 2013

SNP, the EU and Thatcher

I switched on Radio 4 this morning to hear the Lord's Establishment are demanding Alex Salmond's government and Cameron's provide the voters with more information on the economic consequences of Scotland leaving the UK lest the Scottish voters 'sleepwalk' into leaving the union. Quite. But are we to get this same information on leaving the EU? I doubt it. To my mind the economic arguments have so many points on either side they can never be conclusive. Its a pure political decision in the end. For the Scots do you want to be ruled by the English political elite from London and for the Brits do you want to be ruled by the European political elite from Brussels.

We still need  to have a proper independent cost benefit analysis on both issues to clarify the issues involved in both decisions. I am sure we will see something along these lines rushed out for the Scottish vote. You won't be given even a vote on the EU issue. That is the way our elite dictators operate to politically emasculate the British people.

There has been a very pro Thatcher press in club med land. They see they are in the same pickle we were in in 1979, a bloated state sector, over powerful unions, uncompetitive industry. Even Berlusconni has been fulsome in his praise of Maggie. But where is Euroland's Maggie? The Doctor Frau says I'm alright Fritz whilst France's Michael Foot goes on increasing state spending. Bunga bunga man may be their only hope. At least he knows how to party!


Mr Bock said...

There has been some amazing developments with Lignite pyy Limited south africa, they have cracked turing coal into oil and a range of valuable by-products, plants are now running in the US, we have 400 years supply of coal in the UK, with top scientists predicting with the development of new technologies coal and coal gas may be the fuel of the future, the videos of the inside of the Lignite plant are incredible with so many products being produced by their production process, how does 30 dollars a barrel of oil sound.look at the site this is only the infant stage, they have reactors all ready running, why should we make a fuss if scotland wants to leave the union anyway.

The Reporter said...

the public service unions have again got to powerfull and greedy
this is beyond doubt as have the civil service. The police federation have become bleeders of
the nation with demands for high and unreasonable demands on behalf
of thier members.The counrty is being held to ransom to this there
is no doubt.

Eric Edmond said...

Indeed Mr Bock. I would have thought England and the Tories in particular would be glad to see the end of the troublesome Jocks and their 50 safe Labour seats at Westminster

Mr Bock said...

We should draft up the independence
agreement, and shut close the valves on the money pipes when they sign.Do you think wales would like to go as well, they have that
half baked assembly anyway.

Mr Trevor Smith said...

I think in all honesty,Dr Edmunds,
Mr Bock you make some very good points, if stoctland left the union,we could declear a law that
only English Mp's can stand for election, we'd be rid of all those
scott MP's at westminister.

Eric Edmond said...

As a Scot I agree. England for the English with native MPs