Saturday, 25 May 2013

City starts to desert Tories for UKIP

This is the news I have waited for since 1972.  This is now crunch time. Brussels aka the Franco Prussian empire is now posing a seious threat to the City. This is very close to home for the metropolitan elite. Its not some fisherman or manufacturing plant way North of Watford its right in the heart of London and more deadly than anything the IRA ever did there. Click on link to read the DT story today. 

Its headlined, "City firms switching from Tories to UKIP, says Nigel Farage", but it looks like Stuart Wheeler's work to me. Either way its great news. “There is a growing feeling that we should be regulating our own country, with the view that we should be a global, not a European, financial centre." This is nice spin but the truth is more mundane, business and money. Andy Brough, a major hedge fund manager is reported to have joined UKIP although he declined to be interviewed for the piece. Crispin Odey if anything a bigger hedge fund figure organised a meeting for Farage to address the hedgies and do a Q&A session which seems to have gone down very well. Odey is not reported as joing UKIP. He is behaving as a hedge fund manager should and hedging his bets.

The penny has started to drop that the EU intends to relocate the City financial business to Paris and Frankfurt with a huge loss of very well paid jobs in London. Hedge funds and investment banks M&A activities are the driving forces behind all the lucrative legal and commercial business in London. Take them away or make it difficult for them to do business and they will go elsewhere and it won't be to Brussels, Frankfurt or Paris. Zurich and Singapore will be the favoured relocatio.n spots. The hedgies want to stay in London if they can and will now start to exert real pressure on Cameron.

These are Cameron's own people almost all puiblic school types whom Cam, Sam and Gideon like to socialise with and tap for funs for the Tories. Take that away an d it hits the Tory posh boys where it hurts. Odey knows this and without City donations many Tory MPs will be ex-MPS within two years so more pressure on Dave.

They will be quite happy to give to UKIP but will want to see a return on their money. Farage will have to deliver that both personally which he will do but also have keep UKIP MEPs and Councillors on message. The former group is no problem as they want to be high on UKIP MEP slates and that is in Fatrge's gift. More difficult  to control will be the recently elected UKIP councillors some of whom fit the fruit cakes and loony description.  Reeve seems to be the nominated enforcer for these people. I predict trouble ahead in this area.

The Tories desperately need City donations to fund their 2015 election campaign. They don't want to see these funds drain away to UKIP. They will therefore mount an ever more vicious campaign against UKIP's fruit cakes and loonies of whom there are many. Can UKIP handle this assault? Not with their present party hierarchy only Stuart Wheeler cuts the mustard. The rest have to be quickly moved aside and replaced by more able individuals. Farage cronies won't do. He who pays the piper calls the tune.and hedgies only back winners.

If Farage does not deliver they will quickly find someone else who can. 

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