Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Farage's EUKIP does not do details

That is the title of an excellent piece in today's DT, click on link to read.

There is now a full range of UKIP policies but most are incomplete and as Alllister Heath points out merely uncosted aspirations. As UKIP support rises these pseudo policies will come under increasing scrutiny contradictions and holes will be exposed until they fall over.

As the Autonomous Mind blog, click here to read, points out the title should read Farage does not do details. "After all, Farage alone calls the shots and the party dances to whatever tune he chooses to play on any given day." as the AM blog puts it, "Unless and until Farage gets serious about withdrawal, does detail and understands the mechanics and states the strategy to enable the UK to leave the EU, while maintaining our access to the single market – and crucially ensuring we can trade with those other countries around the world with whom trade agreements only cover EU member states – the ‘No’ campaign will lose any referendum."

Exactly.  An in/out EU Referendum tomorrow would deliver a resounding vote to stay in the EU on current terms. It needs a lot of hard graft by UKIP now starting with getting some serious business people to put the withdrawal case to rebut the Branson pickle self interest propaganda.

Fear, uncertainty and doubt will be the weapons of these self serving businessmen some of whom are tax exiles.  EUKIP should be mounting a campaign right now to rebut this despicable money driven campaign. Will they? Diificult while they continue to be based in Brussels and financially controlled by the EU.

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ALAN WOOD said...

The Elite needed to take UKIP seriously after recent elections.
They have concluded, like you, me and Mr. Bridgeman, that the Emperor has no clothes, unlike the Farage faithful.
There cannot be a referendum before 2015, in which case the Conservatives will implode leaving a Labour/LibDem coalition to undo any Referendum bill if they wish.