Monday, 20 May 2013

Farage advertises for ex-Tory mad, swivel eyed loons

This morning, after my dear wife had perused our DT it was passed to me and inside I found a full page ad from UKIP's Fuerher. It reminded me of what is written on the Statue of Liberty, 'Give to me, your poor, your swivel eyed loons yearning to be free and I will make them poorer still'

Its not as if UKIP does not already have its full complement of swivel eyed ex-Tory loons! The ad must have cost a fair bit so I presume moneybags Wheeler signed the cheque.

I liked Farage's line about a government, 'run by a bunch of college kids who have never had a proper job in their lives'. There are plenty of those in Labour and LibDems who fit that description so why restrict your market to just ex-Tories Nigel.

Following on the Fuerher's retreat from Edinburgh I was asked a couple of months ago by our resident Lord Pantsdown  how I felt about the SNP given I was in UKIP. I corrected him on the latter point saying I was no longer a UKIP member and was in fact on their blacklist subsequentl confirmed by Crowther. On the whole Scopt Nat thing I replied that for me the choice was simple. Did I want to be ruled by a bunch of Old Etonian wankers and their div 2 public school buddies who only went to Scotland to shoot a few stags or a bunch of Scottish bred, Scottish educated hard men like Alex and  George Galloway. No contest. Gimme the hard men every time. Let the metropolitan homosexuals marry each other and die out asap.

Its really the same question that UKIP should be putting. Do you want to be ruled by the Prussians and their Junkers or by your own people? Which group has the interests of  Britain at its heart?

The attempt to claim that we benefit by £90 bn is propagnda at its best. I would say the EU costs us £90bn per annum by its restrictive rules and regulations it imposes on us. Remember that the captains of industry are only interested in their share bonuses and company profits. Screwing down the workers wages is the easiest way to increase their obsecene rewards, often for failure. Remember these cronies of Tony were the same people predicting doom if we did not join the Euro in 1997.

The EU is the political project of the Euro elite and an economic disaster. Ask in the tavernas of Greece and Tapas bars of Spain to confirm the truth about the EU. (Asking ex-third div public schoolboys in the bordellos of Brussels will produce the wrong answer assuming you can find them sober.)

Good to see Roger Helmer, the ultimate UKIP ex old Tory on TV defending Farage after he was run out of Edinburgh in a police van. Just the image to increase the SNP vote.


Niall Warry said...

You worry me that you don't think the SNP are just as full of 'wanker' as the LibLabEUkipcon!

If you so love the SNP I trust you will return to bonnie Scotland when they take over control of your country and turn it into the Socialist Republic of Scotland.

I wonder how many other Scots South of the border will go North?

My guess is more Scots will come South!!

Eric Edmond said...

Niall, I promise if wee Eck wins I will return to Scotland and never darken your doorstep again.

I prefer Socialist Scottish hard men to effete old Etonian tossers. Remember how George G trashed the Yanks in their own Capitol building and compare that wth Cameron's bum licking performance.