Friday, 17 May 2013

Farage is God's gift to Alec Salmond

Farage is showing his stupidity on TV today by calling the Edinburgh student demonstrators fascist scum. They retalite by labeling UKIP as the BNP in nicer suits. Tough on NF in his pin stripe.

The SNP are now piling in to give him a deserved kicking. He has compounded his mistake further. Helmer did not help on C4 news tonight. He looks and souds like a typical old Tory which he is. There are more pandas in Edinburgh zoo than Tory MPs in Scotland.

The Scots detest London smart boys who wear Arthur Daley coats. Best stick to the home counties Mr Farage.


ALAN WOOD said...

Farage is like the rest of the idiots like Bush and Blair when confronted by extremism. They go on the offensive instead of taking the high ground and gaining collateral support.

Mr Peters BBC News Look East 5.30 said...

I was just watching BBC look east
5.30 with allegations one of the new Ukip councilors has had his signatiure forged on a fake document, at the tory controled council. Ukip should note the practice of forged documents and signatures is widespread in Tory
Norfolk, with these being used by
police and HA to nulify legal actions
and complaints, Ukip will have to be
on their guard against such practices, I have a pilce of these myself, the court are refusing to uphold the law in such cases, As
it invloves Ukip and is on the main
BBC news you should get on to this.