Monday, 13 May 2013

FT tells truth about us and the EU - at last!

The FT is the most Europhile UK newspaper.  When a young man Nigel Lawson used to write for it. I was staggered to read today's headine,

"Lord Lawson is right - Britain does not need Europe"

 for a piece by Wolfgang Munchau that I recommend you click and read,

It says all I have known about the UK's relations with the EEC/EU but what the UK Europhiles have never admitted. His final paragraph sums it up,

"My overall conclusions, however, concur with his. There may be reasons why the UK may wish to remain a member of the EU. But whatever they are, they are not economic."

There never was an economic case for entry in 72/73. It was a political decision that the could not be justifed by political argument so the political elite resorted to a scaremongering econmic  story to terrify the UK voters. They are still doing it! They continuously imply there will be 3 million jobs lost if we dared leave the EU.  It is a complete lie. The truth is the exact opposite = leaving the EU will create jobs by removing the dead hand of the EU from the UK's neck.

It came up tonight on C4 news when the young Tory fogie, Jacob Rees Mogg, pointed out that we would have had a free trade agreement with the US years ago had we not handed over the negotiations to the EU. That is the plain truth.  


Mr Small Business said...

I say this and say it again, and again and again, If Lord Lawson was
so good,why were the conservatives voted out if he's office, if he's a good as some Tories are saying he
should have no problem sorting out the deficite and the gowing countries economic meltdown,get him
in No 11, problem solved, I'll bet my last button he won't solve it and we will continue to head down the pan.

Mr Bock said...

Trade with the US is expensive, with the rising cost of fuel it is
set to become more expensive, whilst some US goods are high quality as good as some German,they are not cheap, if no one can afford to buy them no trade.
Have you looked at the cost of the
arms bill for the war's, whilst they indeed may be able to produce
better weapons, many ended stood up, you did not have
the brains or thec's to work on them, heleicopters these day's are not like the outdated RAF ones they are not on a par with model
aircraft these day's. They cost
money, and back up, a very great deal of money indeed, look at the total costs for
the two wars, you will then better understand what I mean.Just look at them.

Mr Simthson said...

Anyway. looking at the US. I doubt there is anything in the form of trade they would wish to buy from us,what do we have they they want,
they have south america to trade
with, the do a great deal of trade with germany, they would not replace the EU trade routes. We can't afford to buy anything most shops are on the bread line, this i
now for sure with many taking second jobs to keep business a float, moving the funiture is not
going to solve the prolem, even if we came of the EU tonight, we would still be living in sate controled by a middle class Junta,
there would be no magic wand, unemployment will still be hear, the victorian living conditions would still remain, this is a cert.
frankly I have read articles like that for years, they never come to
anything, to little forsight or understanding of the problems on the ground.

Betty said...

Of course I can't help noting the
comments of some of these Norfolk
Tories, being close to those in council jobs, they are geting anxious about their former jobs for
life guarantees, you have done some
good, but I suppose at least the
families of Nepotisim will still have one big fat apy packet a week
at the very least. I have to say
Ukip you have certainly brough a sea change to the area, the fat cats running the show are uneasy.

The Reporter said...

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Clark Kent, live, Conservative Party Aorta said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, well keep them comming, we just love the job security and overtime, who gives an F if they innocent. Kingfisher House Team.