Tuesday, 14 May 2013

EUKIP's betrayal of our cause and Labour's betrayal of the working class

I have no idea where the current shenanigans in Tory Westminster over enabling bills, amendments to the Queen's speech, hypothetical EU referendum's in 4 years time etc will end but of one thing I am sure its not talked about in Brussels where EUKIP and its leadership live and take their EU payoffs. It is debated and discussed in the UK and it will be settled in the UK. It shows the irrelevance of Farage's Brussels 'strategy', although that euphenism flatters EUKIP's personal greed as a political process.  They are only in Brussels for the money in their pockets not to save our country for our children.

It must by now be abundantly clear to a one eyed cat that Farage' s EUKIP is no more than an off shore  pressure group and not a political party. To influence this fast moving debate and try and get us this referendum and win it requires a party headquarters in London with a leader and advisors based there 24/7 not in the bars of Brussels. Things are moving very fast and Dave is running scared. Clegg and Millipede are also vulnerable.

We have to fight the battle for the UK in the UK with our own money. It cannot be fought and won in Brussels on EU money that can be withdrawn any time.

The Mail online runs an excellent piece by Tim Shipman entitled,

Immigrants? We sent out search parties to get them to come... and made it hard for Britons to get work, says Mandelson

  • Former minister admits Labour deliberately engineered mass immigration
  • Between 1997 and 2010 net migration to Britain totalled 2.2million

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2324112/Immigrants-We-sent-search-parties-to-come--hard-Britons-work-says-Mandelson.html#ixzz2THVCdrjZ

Mr Neather , a Mandelson advisor, said the policy was designed to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’. 
He said there was ‘a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural’.

It shows that to score political points Labour conspired to reduce the wages of their core supporters and hand over their jobs and council houses to immigrants to make the UK multi-racial. Now I don't ever recall reading that in any of Tony's Labour manifestos. I wonder why not?.

Young Mr Heaver has written a similarly themed  piece on his Telegraph blog. It would be nice to know which piece came first?

The BBC, true Europhiles to a man, ran a clip of Ken Clarke on the 6pm news tonight pooh poohing the idea of leaving the EU saying we would be foolish to do so. It suddeny reminded me of another pompous overweight man with a loud voice, loud opinions supported by zero facts. I refer to Cap'n Bob Maxwell. 

You can look forward to a mega FUD, Fear Uncertainty & Doubt, campaign from the Europhile establishment. Enjoy but don't swallow!  


Mr Bock said...

Of course britians children have been betrayed, when not being exposed to victorian poverty, they are being abused by peodophiles in public office. te FOI act disclosures as a natinal disgrace, police mutilpe downloads of porn in public office,home office units having to impliment nanny locks on night shift computors,of course what on the subject of child killers, where they plead guilty and there is no police corruption why not hang them, why spend millions keeping them in prison, invest this money in poor housing estates and childrens futures,education and well being, the social services are a fruadulent failure, with many of them involved in abuse, and out of
control power over peoples lives, there needs to be a change, our children are being abused by the
state it's self and left to rot, we
can no longer tolerate this abuse
of the countries future.

pete said...

Hang the bloody scum,and the police
pedo's as well, all this ort of stuff is being covered by management in local government, who
care if they are police, doctors and nurses of common scum,we have let the maxist state make money and
long term carees out of this sack them hand the scum.

Pat Navy. said...

There's no discipline in government
anymore more, there are out of control, Child killers should be delt with,hang them, lethal injection, give a blast from an AK 47,they need to know it is a crime.

The Reporter said...

A few years ago whilst doing my pre-Pg.
I used to come into contact with a lot of labour middle class
students, of course what you have
stated aboutthe past immigration plot is indeed
true, and on one particular evening
I was provided with a full explination of how the stategy would be implimented and unfold into material effect. Firstly reseach was undertaken to establish
the voting habits of immigrants, it
was found many were labour or left
wing politically and voted in this direction, the theory at that time, was to allow an open door
policy in order to tip the balance
away from conservatives, hence ensuring the long term secure future of a
labour governmen and
block the road to any right wing
government taking office in future simply using nothing more than the
ballot box to achieve the desired result, at that time, some drunk dopey labour students leaked the fact very senior labout MP's were behind
the plot, obviously, I do not need
to disclose further information as
this available via the F.O.I. and
other journalists have already done
the "Donkey Work," at that particulary time some of us
thought it was a looney labour joke, and payed no real serious attentions, however it worked, England will never see a majority Tory Government every again in the history of the country. It was a plan that had the desired effect.

Student HR law. said...

Of course in practice this is true,
but this was also supported by many in the
police and leagal profession, many
argue it has secured them life long
employment via litigation, it's the
same with the terror laws, very few
terrorists, but mountains of litigation work,at a £128.00 per hour, and all that overtime for the police, whilst some may criticise immigration, it has made
many people rich in the middle classes, both Labour and Tory, look
at out bloated police and their fat
bank accounts,MH is doing very well on it as well, the shrinks have a killing. They appear to think it was a very good policy
good idea.

Norfolk Mental Health. said...

I would agree, innocent terorist
supects play an irrepaceable role
to local economies,the new mental
health laws give us powers to hold
terror suspects they create hudge
amounts of work for our teams, managers and social services, as well as lawyers, when released terror supects are passed to police
in oder long monitering surveillance can be imposed, we all
play a role, the DWP, GP's Police,
terror suspects are worth more than
their wait in gold, we have many
teror suspect cases in Norfolk, keep up the good work Chloe, you
are bringing us prosperity and jobs for life.

Andy Colins said...

Terro suspect alert, terror supect
alert, mobilize section teams, mobilize section teams, notify Gp's
prepare section documents, danger,
danger, danger to others,innocent
terror suspects, hold for interrogation.Norfolk Social services.

Mr G.P. said...

Yes indeed, we do have very high numbers of sections in Norfolk, pehaps now Ukip are on the council
this is something they will look at,GP's have had no legal training
just brief instruction we get payed
per section. I wonder is it legal
the fabrication of the medical records and shredding or previous
records, some of these poor buggers
end up with three totally different
medical histories. I can't find
anything on it in my Mimms, pehaps
we should ask Anna if it's legal we haven't caught one yet despite all the detentions.The Tories sanction this policy.

Tribunal Court Oganiniser said...

It's very worrying, the conservatives have turned the hosptial into acounty court, with
all these lawyers and judges being
brought in from other parts of the
country, we have had near roits here as a result of the way some of these people are being held, I
feel uneasy G.P.'s are using techniques deemed illegal during
the Harrold Shipman enquiry to hold
Republicans, surely we should not use crime to fight suspect crime,
they all being released during the proceedings anyway after judges are
deeming they were held illeaglly,
hospitals are not the place to hold
Republican suspects, I have raised
my concerns about GP's sugeries acting as police stations, they have medical receptionists going through medical records that are
confidential and them raising the arlam, they have no legal training
to intepret the law, the disclosures and evidence given at the tribuanl courts are worrying
particulary the Mary Wade case, she
has accessed medical records illegally and has disclosed the contents to various other outside
sources, at one time this wouls have been a criminal offence.

Archives Clerk EEN said...

Since you've are now established in
the Norfolk Conservative heartlands, you may like to take a trip to the local rags Archive Depatment, this confirms just how many police and hospital staff are
downloading porn and child porn when supposed to be working at the tax payers expense.We have all the
records numbers of veiwers, rang
job titles ect, no one has yet faced any charges of been disciplined by Anna Dougdale, Nanny
locks had to be fitted to the Home
office holding centre at Plusmstead
as all the night staff were watching porn on the computors instead of doing their jobs. Go on
ask the rags for a copy of the FOI
evidence from their archives, it
never made the nationals all Hush,
Hush, don't make the baby cry.

Mr Masonsmith. said...

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freemasonary, you may like to visit
some of the online shop suppliers, you will be amazed
at just how big freemasonary is, paticularly in the Police and Justice system, we have so many customers on our mailing lists we have lost count, that does not include the many other companies listed on the web pages, companies
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Anonymous said...

As far as I can establish all adult
babie serivices and clients details
are kept confidential under the data protection act, we do not disclose email adresses although these are all retained.
You naughty boy, have you do a wee..wee..give mummy that "Dummy"
mummis angry now, you can keep those rubber pants on as punishment,
you naughty boy, you naughty baby.