Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Somerset Tories target UKIP controlled Ramsey Council

Tomorrow we vote in our local Somerset  County election in the election which was held over following the sad death of UKIP candidate Audrey Spencer. I was asked to step in and out of respect for Audrey's memory I agreed to rejoin UKIP and stand. My application was rejected. No reasons were given to me or the Yeovil branch. That is the EUKIP way learned in the bars of Brussels. Thank goodness the  excellent Yeovil branch chairman Nigel Pearson managed to find another candidate and get her name on the ballot paper.

Yesterday I had a leaflet from the curiously named Marcus Fysh the Tory candidate. He has a special section on voting UKIP. His most telling point is,

"UKIP increased council tax by 28% at the only council they control. Somerset Tories have frozen council tax for the last four years"

Now I only know of one council UKIP controls, Ramsey. It has as its mayor Lisa Duffy, UKIP's Party Director. Her partner Peter Reeve, UKIP,  is also on the council so its very much a UKIP family business. The Tories are biting back and this is their first UKIP target. They have chosen well. Reeve and Duffy have lots off  political baggage, not up to Hamilton scale but more recent and closer to NF. We live in interesting times and tomorrow I will be able to vote for a UKIP candidate.

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