Thursday, 2 May 2013

German car rip off. & Andreasen & Bannerman

I regularly read the Honest John car column in Saturday's Telegraph. Its full of good advice and hints. Last week he pointed out how the MOT test was being extended to test lots more things on your motor car like air bags (not clear how that is done), car door lights etc. This has been introduced by the EU at the behest of the EU car manufactures to boost their sales of overpriced spares from which the make much more money than selling new cars or at worst buy a new car. The EU actually only require cars over 4 years old to be tested but as always we have gold plated their requirements by sticking to over 3 years old.

HJ suggested to his reader that he should have complained about this 2 years ago when our parliament nodded this through. HJ is a naive soul, it was decided in Brussels not London. It is going to push up motoring costs for the poorest hard working families as the sordid politicos never tire of saying. But that is what the EU is all about, boosting the profits of German manufacturers. And what did our UKIP MEPs do about this? Zilch!

Andreasen & Bannerman are now seeking Tory MEP slots and want to ingratiate themselves with their new patrons, the Tory power brokers. Hence the all round rubbishing of  Farage by both of them. They are both ungrateful wretches who owe their positions as UK MEPs entirely to Nigel Farage' s patronage. He waived the UKIP rules for Andreasen and vetoed Robin Page standing against Bannerman. All in the past you might say but I beg to differ. Farage attracts and is attracted to people like A&B but will the  Hamiltons be any different? I suggest the good burghers of UKIP consider this point. Who else will be in Farage's favour next May? Some dodgy media 'personality' perhaps.

As it says in the Bible as a dog returns to its vomit so a fool returns to his folly if you are of the Christain persuasion.  Farage is riding high just now feted, wined and dined by the media but as a classicist like BoJo knows after such hubris comes nemesis but it will destroy not just Farage but UKIP as well.


Peter J. MC said...

Good point, not just BMW have made thier cars and bikes more technical, all EU manufactures are doing this in some cases £40.00 for a headlight bulb, many of the new range of cars are a tech nightmare, needing special tools computors even to do basic work such as fliud bleeds, of course our own government does not help, they like the VAT from the hudge garage bills in the UK, with labour in some places not at £70.00
per hour, I to college,back in the day's when we did total engine rebuilds same with motorcycles, these are no longer viable due to costs, as no doubt you can work out,the best cars for ease of maintenance were those manufactured up to about 92 prio- to ECU,then came the sigle loops and the doubles, all spell money in cost of repairs if they go down, As time goes by the working class and even some lower middle will be priced off the road, the statist will just continue to give themselves pay rises to stay on four wheels, the costs of some easy to replace parts is now horrific indeed.

Mr Browne said...

Of course on some of the newer EU
cars now if a headligth buld goes
they blow a fuse, the bulbs are extremely difficult to get at, it
can be a main dealer job just for bulb replacement, the electrics are
complete overkill, even for any experience auto ectrician, some have two cats, expensive to replace, all this so we can help the third world and they have tansport on the cheap, no one outside of the EU complies with the
legislation and keep pumping out
old tech transport, are we the mugs,
they will be driving and on two wheels when we will all be on shanks poney.

Anonymous said...

well done 26%.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes, a great result for UKIP

Jabba the Cat said...

@ Eric Edmond said...

"Yes, a great result for UKIP"

Lol...two thirds of the electorate didn't vote and UKIP failed to gain control of a single council. There were 2362 seats up for grabs, with UKIP winning 147 seats(6.2%), a figure that cannot be massaged into a landslide, outside the mind of the dear leader. Tragically, yet again, the real winner was voter apathy...

Anonymous said...

Not a fair comment they took a hudge chunk of Norfolk with many
conuncils now NOC, the Norfolk
Tory councilor will propably not
be elected again now, so I don't know how you can perceive it not
to be a good result, if the tories
cannot control the councils from
westminister they are F-ed, I have seen this one before.

Mr Foxitt said...

In any event just look at the marginals Ukip nearly took them,
close shaves indeed, these are the
places to stand MP's, with the right media campaign and run up drive,this is where the MP's will
come from if any chance of winning,
all is possible. but in saying that
labour and tory are now in serious
trouble, to this there is doubt.
study the figures this will give you a clue where MP's can WIN.

Ron Pie and mash shop. said...

yea your right mate I remember
London, the tory government couldn't control many of the councils there.

Mr Sprigsdale Senior said...

I voted for Ukip I'm really scared
of all the crime in the police and
government, they are all breaking the law, the conservatives and labour have allowed them to get away with, I lock my door all the
time now, I won't let government people in, I'm 84. labour and conservative
are not very good, all us pensioners are voting for you in the
elections Ukip because we know you'll keep us safe.

Miss Eliott Doreen Clark said...

I got to the polling station, Mr
Wilks kindly collected me and pushed me in my wheelchair, it's
the first time I've voted in ten
years, I was elated at the results.
I'm 94 now, I feel labour and conservatives have deserted us old
folk, someone told me miliband is
Polish.I'm like you Mr S, doing
the right thing voting for people
who care about their people.

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