Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Will Marta the merciless take down nasty Nigel?

I have long held the opinion that Marta was our best chance of getting rid of Nigel. Neither are characters I would wish to associate with. A man is known by the company he keeps and I havealways steered well clear of Marta and Nigel. Then Indy today published a long article based on an interview wih Marta slagging of Nigel. You can read it for yourself by clicking on Independent.

The article says nothing that I have not written over the years. It is headlined thus:

Ex-MEP Marta Andreasen claims Ukip peddles ‘lies’ as high-profile Tory MP Priti Patel's father announces he is standing for election

and subtitled:

Former MEP claims Nigel Farage is to blame for failing to vet candidates with far-right links

Two points. The Indy is no lover of the Tories hence the link to the Tories in the headline. There is an error in the subtitle, Marta is a current MEP albeit she now is a Tory.

Unfortunately the UKIP rank and file read the Daily Mail and the Telegraph not the Indy so unless these two organs pick up the story it is unlikely to get through to those poor UKIP members who have been well and truely conned by Nigel.

Here are a few selected excerpts from the piece.

"The UK Independence Party tells “lies” to stir up fear of immigrants and Nigel Farage is personally to blame for failing to vet candidates with far right links, one of its former leading MEPs has claimed."


She said: “If you saw the campaign in Eastleigh it was all about immigration and they lie, they produce data which is ridiculous, they say the whole population of Bulgaria and Romania is going to come to the UK.”

Agreed as the TV record shows.

'But Ms Andreasen, a former chief accountant for the European Commission, said it was Mr Farage’s jealousy of potential competitors inside the “one-man band” party that had prevented candidates from having their records checked.'

Agreed except I would like to see evidence to support the chief accountant claim.

She said Mr Farage changed the party’s constitution last year “giving him full power on everything, including the establishment of strategy, policies and selection processes for candidates for elections”.

Agreed. I and others wrote at the time this was what the changes/tidying up of the UKIP constitution was all about ie creating a Farage one man party. All I and others got was the usual smears from the UKIP spin machine was the usual lies that we were trying to destroy UKIP.  Absolutely not! I was trying to save UKIP from turning into a dictatorship. 

This February, Andreasen became the third MEP to quit Ukip in two years amid rows about policies, personalities and far-right allegiances.  Were they all wrong about Farage. I think not.

UKIP is now moving onto former BNP imigration ground. Some UKIP candidates have never left this ground.

Farage has described Andreasen as 'impossible' but who brought her into UKIP and waived the rules to get her on to the SE MEP slate. That's right, Nigel Farage! That's Nigel's trouble. He is a poor judge of character and has no idea of strategy. He is only as good as his last sound bite and worse cannot remember the one before. 

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Mr Bock said...

Should it be allowed families in UK
politics, I don't think it should but many of them are indeed blood
related, same as the justice system
and local government, in some cases
we have up to 5 family memebers working in public services, it's an
open door to corruption, probably,
not forgetting both tory and labour, read in the paper the other day many have their familes working for them as staff.