Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Nigel Lawson & the lying LibDems

Nigel Lawson was by far the ablest UK chancellor in my life time. He started with the FT Lex column and was intellectually superior to his HMT civil servants something no one is every going to say about Gideon Osborne whose driver might know more about economics than he does. So when Lawson penned an aricle for the Times saying that the UK would be better off out of the EU the chattering classes sat up and took notice. He added that Cameron would come back with zilch from his rengotiation with the EU and likened it to Harold Wilson's window dressing exercise in 1975 preceding his meaningless refereendum.

The BBC immediately wheeled out Pinochio Clegg to regurgitate two of the hoary old LibDem lies that are almost as old as Shirley Williams.

Leaving the EU will cost 3 million jobs a claim that is patent bollocks. We have traded with Europe since humans have lived in the UK. There was no EU thank God in 4000 BC otherwise we would still all be living in the stone age under pre-historic EU regulations. The truth is that with the UK out of the EU the Germans will continue to sell us motor cars and buy our whisky. We want their cars and they want our whisky. Its that simple. Nothing to do with the single market but what we will be rid off is the dead hand of Brussels bureacracy which as I pointed out recently is controlled by, and promotes the German car industry. Out of the EU we would at least thave a level playing field.

Then Clegg, his nose growing ever longer claims the UK pensioners living in Spain would immediately be kicked out and sent back to blighty. His claims of equality in the numbers of Brits working in Europe and the number  of EU citizens  working in the UK have been shown to be another lie. London has the 4th largest French population of any city in Europe. Only Paris, Lyon and Marseille have more frogs.

The Spanish economy is in dire straits. UK Spanish resident pensioners spend their pensions there. They keep whats left of the Spanish economy going.

The Spanish property market is depressed. If they forced UK pensioners to sell up it would go into free fall. The Spanish are not that stupid. They now leave tilting at windmills to Don Clegg and Pancho Cable.

UK pensioners are putting money into the Spanish economy. Spaniards working in the UK are taking money out of the UK economy.

The LibDems are not just delusional they are slimey with it. Remember their signed pledges to UK students not to put up their fees. It was all forgotten once the votes were in and LIbDem bums were on the seats of ministerial limos. I detest LibDems for their lies which are peddled by the BBC as truth. Its pure propaganda.

Guido Fawkes reports that Blair sprog 3 now works for the EU.  Now that's what the EU is really for, jobs for the political elite and their relations!


The Woodcutter said...

Pinochio....Pinocio......come out
you litle rascal, where are you, I
now you're hiding, I've got you, I
can see you're nose, come out so I can measure you it, you've been lying again haven't you.

ALAN WOOD said...

Bravo for laying this LibDem lie about 3m jobs. They wheeled it out every time I was on TV and the BBC NEVER refute it, but the BBC are full of LibDem supporters so it comes as no surprise.

Farage needs to nail this Dracula-sized lie.

Richboy said...

Indeed Alan. It is the purest bull***t, and will be pumped out constantly in any referendum 'IN' campaign. May I offer this...


Mr P. C. Plonker. said...

They are all talking bollocks, I detials of the court accounts and criminal penalties, they are lying about crime and conviction rates, and hospital stats, they seem be alleging there 2,000 burglaries when in fact the true figure is less than 200,they are conviction millions of people a year on trumped up evidence just to justify their existance, they hare telling so many likes and fabricating so much state statistics, no one will ever establish the truth. The statist
Pinochio gang, they now say they are no longer able to recruit staff
under CRB rules, so off they go to
Europe and places like Nigeria, they have milked the convictomania
dry, with caustions and minor matters now being held as a criminal
record for a 100 years. They have
F-ed the country beyond recognition.

stephen allison said...

We can't leave the EU! The prevailing wind direction in the south east comes from the south, accross the channel. If we left the EU they would cut off our air supply and millions of people in Kent and the Home Counties would suffocate! You know this is true but I'll bet you deny it!

Eric Edmond said...


With great ideas like yours you have a real future in the LibDems


Stephen Allison said...

Sorry Eric, I can't be a hard core Lib-Dem. I just can't reach the level of smug self-satisfaction or patronising hollier than thou attitudes necesary. Nor do I knit my own trousers, live out of what I can scavenge from skips or wear open toe sandles (without socks) all year round. I do like wind farms though!