Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Welcome to the Fourth Reich

We fought a bloody brutal six year war  plus 8 further years of shortages and rationing to avoid living under German rule. What our fathers and grandfathers fought for has now been pissed away by our metropolitan elite personified by Pinochio Clegg. The Germans now run the EU which means they run the UK. Maybe its time for Betty von Battenburg to catch up with her German relations that her family ditched as too embarassing circa 1914.

Dr Frau Merkel and her Prussian Junkers now call the shots. Their brutal imposition of austerity on Southern Europe reminds me of the arbeit macht frei slogan Adolf and his chums used to be fond of.

German industry is very efficient and when it is also making the trading rules and has the benefit of an undervalued currency, the Euro, it becomes unstoppable. That is the problem, where will the Fourth Reich stop? Kissinger said Germany is too big for Europe and too small for the world. I don't think Merkel agrees with the last part.

The Germans have always been a warlike race. After Hannibal at Cannae where the Romans lost 8 legions their next biggest defeat was at the hands of the Germans in 9 AD in the Teutoborg forest where Varus lost 3 legions plus supporting troops. This was no citizen army as at Cannae but a well trained, disciplined tough professional imperial army commanded by Publius Varus. Tiberius Caesar  was very upset  and in his cups used to cry Varus give me back my legions.

Nationl character does not change. The German sooner or later will want to take on the world and thanks to Clegg and his ilk our young men and women will be the cannon fodder in the EU Wehrmacht. We can be sure of one thing it won't be our politicians who will be doing the dying. They will be safe tucked up in their Brussels bunker.

When the LibDems run their 3 million unemployed if leave the EU just say well if that happens there will be at least another 4 million unemployed in Germany. The truth is that leaving the EU and ditching Brussel's rules designed for Germany will create not lose jobs in the UK and avoid us being dragged into mid European wars and squabbles. Let us leave that to the master race to sort out in their own inimitable way.

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Mr Fly said...

Of course you are right about state crime, it's out of control in every area of public office, even the court room. Of course as for the Germans I have indeed seen the inside of the new panzer factory, I like the the design of the powere packs and tanks that can be repaired in the field, as for being inside one yes it's all TV now and they can indeed hit a car at 2 k,they can fire on the move, and have everything one could ask for. Super tanks. As for the sniper rifles second to none the germans alway's made good barrels, but they got a lot better, i was watching them in training a few months ago, the mountain teams. Of course the germans fight well, alway's have and alway's will do,but they forget one thing we live in a world of Nukes There will no doubt be a man who will use them rather than suffer defeat, it's only a matter of time.By the way the new class Dolphin German Subs are top flight in every way.

Mr Greenlake. said...

Of course you can't blame the Germans for doing it, they have a right of defence under international law, The probem is our government have and statists have been stealing money like popcorn, look how much the laywers and baristers are worth, look at the bank accounts of some GP's and the police, where the hell do they get the money to spend 50 grand on high end campers, the germans have controled crime and fruad in public office, a doctor in germany gets five times less than one in the UK. I don't think police on between 150 to 190,000 is the norm, or hosptal and council chiefs topping nearly £200,000 they have only acheived this by hard work and good government management. Of course you are right about german weapons, the Buzz Saw is still a truly awsome gun, their lastest anti-aircraft and missile guns are out of this world, the need no men they are automatic in every sense of the word. We live in a country of state corruption, this is why we are going down the plug hole, bent judges, police,fiddling civil service, we have had two cases this week of GS helping themselves to tens of thousands locally, the crime in government office is an epidemic.Out of control, that's where the moneys gone, this is why we will never be like the Germans.

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